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They woke up early the next morning Edit was starving to death so he went to the kitchen and cooked up a quick breakfast By the time she was ready everyone was awake Judith came out of the room with a sleepy head
- Good Morning - Good Morning How have you been? - he asked his slave
- Not bad my lady
- My husband's about to wake up but he probably doesn't want you because I gave him a blow job before I got out That way your pussy can rest a little longer
- Thank you my lady
- You're welcomeI see you made breakfast - Good - good Set the table in the dining room let me know when you're done - he told me and he went back to the bedroom
That's when Peter left their room His back was aching from the beating the day before The bag dress he was sleeping in is stuck in his wounds He came up to Edith with a hiss
- Does it hurt? - she asked with compassion
- No I almost enjoy not being able to move "Peter answered reproachfully
- All right it's my fault But I got mine didn't I?
- Let's not fight help me get this thing off
Edith carefully lifted the dress but it refused to release Peter's body
- Not like this Pull it off suddenly so it won't hurt
He was wrong Edit obeyed and with a powerful sudden tug he opened the wounds The dress gave way but Peter screamed so hard that Judit and Louis ran out of the bedroom
- What are you yelling at? - asked Louis Peter Fell to his knees And Edith took the dress off him and threw it on the floor The wounds on the man's back slowly started to bleed Louis came up behind Peter and examined the wounds
- You look pretty good The doctor will come and take care of you and in the meantime clean it up - he said and then he asked Edith - When can we eat?
- I'll be right with you sir
- It's about time
They went to the dining room and sat down at the table In a few moments Edith brought their breakfast in on trays After he served it he would have left but Louis called him out
- Where are you going?
- In the kitchen for breakfast
- I don't think I gave you permission did I?
- No sir
- What are you wearing?
- The lady gave it to me to sleep in
- All right but you're not sleeping Take it off
- Yes sir - she said and she came out of the dress
- That's it That's more like it - he looked through it - come here with me
Edith threw off her dress and approached the man Louis put his arm around his waist and stroked his bald modesty
- You like your new pussy?
- yeah
 I couldn't enjoy this new service yesterday but I'm not gonna miss it today
Meanwhile Judit started breakfast Louis opened the slave's legs and licked the luscious opening of sensuality He enjoyed the touch of bare skin and the taste of fine pussy Edit began to get excited surprised that his master could handle him delicately Lajos moved his tongue more and more intensely on the clitoris and occasionally pushed his playfully nimble instrument into the vagina accompanied by Edith's writhing
- I love your bald cunt Enjoy "said the man exciting the woman more intensely who was soon to experience a wonderful orgasm in her entire body Louis when he felt the coming pleasure he began to smoke Edith's cunt and he stopped only when the female body had relaxed He licked the femur the belly and took turns sucking the woman's two round breasts into his mouth His virility is severely strained undergarments - You're driving me crazy bitch
Edit knew the horny hog would make him his own so he reached for the Prancing penis He broke her out of the dress and bent over to the man's lap Slowly he began to lick the hard tool and then kneeling before the man he began to gently suck the testicles between his fingers and gently massaged them to increase the pleasure
- Stop it "Louis said pushing her head away" sit in it
Edit stood up in a strut above the dick and then adjusted it into his vagina and slowly moved his hips lower and lower The Lord sighed with pleasure when his tail was completely submerged in the servant and taking her waist they began to move rhythmically It didn't take long for it to ejaculate The lecher as he climaxed grabbed her ass and completely clenched her lower body to her tail
- Yeah "he cried and then two or three more times when he let her go and let his drooping tail slip out of the vagina Edit got up from his lap and then he knelt at his feet again and he took the drooping genitals into his mouth
- That's more like it Suck it clean  you see you know how to behave
- That's enough "Judit said" it's not just yours" Come to me My pussy's dusty
- Yes my lady "said Edith turning under the table to her lap" He opened the knees pulled the panties and licked me into the vagina He immediately felt that Louis had come in because the semen was still wet at the entrance He gently licked the drops from the hairs and gradually penetrated the vagina()


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