Mofos – Milf catches babysitter playing with herself

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When I woke up the sun was up my cell phone said it was after 11: 00 It's one of the great advantages of the breakI reached out and got out of bed I got in the shower and took a good long shower of the last night
I had plenty to think about while I was rubbing the shower gel on myself First of all there was stalking I got over that quickly and I still didn't feel like a creepy stalker and I didn't even get the urge to look at other people It was an accident that's how it happened Second there was my brother's question Now I've had to think about that for a long time I'd never thought of Lars as a man before and yesterday I had this urge to be with him more than once instead of Kory he'd fuck me That definitely falls under the perverted category but after all I didn't do anything but fantasize And it's probably the sight that turned me on not the fact that Lars is my brother Let's just say I wasn't sure about that part but I put the pipe out and moved on to the next item on the list Kory The fact that he cheated on Lars with me I didn't think it was a problem he said it himself that Lars has absolutely no regrets about his affairs with the girls in fact But the fact that I slept with a girl was harder to digest
I don't have a problem with lesbians I'm not at all homophobic I just never thought that me and another girl could be anything I washed my hair long pondering the question Yeah I slept with a girl and I really enjoyed it and I would do it again probably not just with Kory At the same time I knew I was still into guys and I couldn't even imagine dating a girl so I definitely didn't become a lesbian Okay maybe bisexual Ah this whole label thing is bullshitI was thinking about it while I was shaving my legs I can sleep with whoever I want and fuck the rest
I ran my fingers through my pussy and I decided to shave there too My hair grew rather thin and the fibers were more tender than prickly but I liked the smoothness I carefully pulled the blade as I reached the last item on my imaginary list Ella
My sister obviously found out I slept with Kory she's not stupid the situation was so obvious that denial or explanation would have made no sense I wasn't afraid Ella would rat me out to my dad or anyonewe were too close When my mom left Ella was six she understood everything but she didn't get the point how my mom left her She cried a lot and I had to comfort her even though I wasn't feeling well when I was eight we cried ourselves to sleep many times together Our relationship was still tight and we only moved into separate rooms three years ago
The problem was Ella was as close to Lars as she was to me and they managed to create the brother-sister relationship that Lars and I had less We were more buddies than brothers Ella adored Lars and she may easily interpret my adventure with Kory as betrayal of our brother I was pretty sure that Ella wasn't gonna tell Lars until she talked to me but I couldn't put off this conversation for long
By the time I got to the end of my thoughts I had pretty much finished cleaning and the blade had reached the last part of the fur-free area the dam and my anus I gently touched the little hole to see how sensitive it was after the vibrator action of the Kory but I felt only a slight tingling of the more pleasant kind when I touched the opening I pressed my finger gently into the narrow gap and I felt the stimulus make my pussy tingle For a moment there I was tempted to relieve myself in the shower but then my stomach turned and besides after the three orgasms I had last night I started to feel a little sexual
I put on my panties put on my bathrobe and went into the kitchen The house was empty and abandoned On the refrigerator Ella had a short message that she and her friend had gone to the beach coming in the evening Dad being a weekday he was probably at work and I figured my brother and his wife might have gone somewhere It seemed like I was alone and that was fine I made two grilled cheese sandwiches had a glass of milk and then I went back to my room I cleaned up a little bit put some sheets on and then I changed into a bikini I took a blanket sunscreen my cell phone and a book and I went to the garden to sunbathe
When I stepped out on the terrace I realized I was wrong about the Lars they didn't leave My brother was half-lying on the terrace half-sitting in a sun chair enjoying the sun so much She was only wearing a bathing suit so I could see that she had grown more shoulders over the past year and had some muscle on()


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