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Hey guys I'm Klári and my father-in-law and I were having a nice little parade fuck when my mother-in-law arrived:
- What the fuck are you doing here?
I had my vagina on my dad's mouth and I had the dick in my mouth best 69 position so I couldn't tell him we were peeling potatoes or feeding goldfish
Although the latter was not far from reality
I sat up which made my pussy more pressed against Dad's tongue and the dirt still wouldn't stop licking I had a pretty good idea it was bad but my brain was working really hard to find a way out Honestly I couldn't find anything
- Hi Erji - I said hello and you're in a state of confusion and I'll never knowI touched my breast button with two fingers In the eyes of erji in addition to his wild rage for a moment there was a craving It's just like when we were in the bathroom together she was staring at my breasts
- Don't thank me you fucking bitch Just come home Gabor
I got off Dad's mouth and he was still licking me and I walked up to her I took his arm holding the bag and I wanted to say something clever but all I could do was push my naked breasts against him Erji closed his eyes for a moment and on his face just like our last dance the longing went through
I had a feeling this might be the way out But a moment later she was once again the relentless woman who is now very angry But he wouldn't release his arm let me rub my chest against him and I could feel him push it against him
- What do you think you're doing? You're sucking my dick like a rabbit and I don't feel a thing Son of a bitch
But I kept hitting the Iron I pulled his head up to me and as he continued to cast his curses he allowed me to breath on his neck just as delicious kisses as he gave me on Daddy's birthday
- You dirty little bitch what are you doing? - he said in an increasingly weak voice Then he dropped the bag and his mouth was looking for my mouth We started kissing He attacked my breasts and he grabbed her like crazy It hurt but it felt good And I let him do whatever he wanted with it After the long wild kiss he began to suck and bite my neck while I was trying to take his coat off Not only did she let me she helped me Meanwhile he stepped out of his shoes and tried to get rid of his skirt I reached under her panties and I grabbed her incredibly muscular round ass and I started grabbing her with all my might In the meantime she got rid of her blouse
- You little fucking bitch-she gave me the adjectives and kissed me in the neck after every word-you know how to tackle me
I pulled him to the bed he fell on his back I pulled her panties off her and I kept my tongue out of my mouth for as long as I could and I stuck it in her totally wet pussy The answer was a great sigh and with his muscular thighs he held my head in such a vice that it hurt it would have been if the feeling of being saved hadn't kept him away But he pushed it down and in the grip of his thighs I was happy to lick his pussy And when I took care of her clitoris as a bonus I stuck my finger in her pussy He groaned and threw his head back That was right next to Dad's Dick and he was kneeling and watching us fight with a slow cock He put his dick on his wife's forehead and said " Hi"
- Love you mama
- You mmm bloody pimp he hissed between the moans with you on my own terms
- Can we count together? - he turned his tail to reach Erji's mouth He put his hand on her ass and he put one of his fingers next to mine in her pussy
- But perhaps-Erji's voice has weakened He grabbed Dad's dick pulled the skin a little bit and then he put it in his mouth He started smoking it
As we fought a duel with our fingers in Erji's pussy I leaned over to Daddy and started kissing Erji may have noticed what we were doing because he put his hand between our intertwined lips And then she begged him:
- Fuck you I want to enjoy you Psalms mmhm fuck me Ohh please please
'I haven't heard that in five years' said the father a little maliciously but obediently kneeling between his wife's legs and sticking his hard dick to his pussy She slowly swung her hips until her tail finally hit the open pussy He pushed me hard and the answer was a sigh of lust
I slipped to erji's head and started kissing his face his neck and his breasts She was clutching my breasts and she was moaning really hard because of her husband's push
"Well it is for these breasts that Gabor dies" said he with pleasure and he grappled them even more tightly sometimes putting a pinch or two in my breast buttons
I was a little surprised to hear that but it wasn't my first surprise today so I let it go by my ear Erji suddenly stopped grabbing my breasts grabbed my hair and pulled my ear to his mouth


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