Celestia Vega Gets Rough First Pounding

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Here's another story though let's call it a sequel The characters are the same which is me and once again my slave woman Erika This time he didn't appear before me or in my torture chamber but I did Of course this time I was better equipped and I carried several "hand tools" with me which I may need at any time depending on my pleasure and of course it is easier to carry than some other equipment or "furniture"
Of course I could have been punctual - that is my principle in all other cases - but I was deliberately late increasing the tension mixed with excitement in my servant I trusted him he had learned enough to accept me properly in terms of his appearance and behaviour Well I'll see if I can't get him punished if I don't
I went upstairs and knocked on the door At that very moment the door opened I might add fortunately for you He wasn't wearing a sandal the other time he was wearing another one with a similar thin strap - I call it a glass slipper for transparent straps and sole - but at least as sexy A body color elastic "hot pants" and a top of the same fabric Either because of the nature or the thinness of its material but it has a very strong impression of its darker nipples and pubic hair Plus the pants were all over her pussy I think he did it on purpose
"I am glad you have arrived Sir please come in and have a seat" he asked I nodded and went in without a word and sat down in the comfortable chair of the living room
 How May I be of service to you master? - he asked in front of me
- First I want a drink and then for my entertainment prepare your sexiest clothes shoes and underwear because you're going to give me a demonstration I feel like it today Hurry up and put some music on that you can move erotically Be hot and desirable bitch
He acknowledged my wish he had indeed put in a cd from which pleasant music was heard and then he left He came in soon He was in the same place he bet but after he rescued himself from the first show he began to dance in exciting challenging moves He was slithering right in front of me caressing his body grabbing his hands shaking his ass and all the things I really liked He was getting more and more into it
- You move well bitch you're in luck Now go and change
Next he came in in a peach-floral stretcher so short that I could hardly see his foot on the chair but when he moved and bent a little lower I saw his dark hair It was by the way without shoes or in a brandy-coloured stocking with a thin stripe running through the back and a thick part ending not in lace but on the thigh After that she appeared in New Clothes a few more times and then I asked her to do the lingerie show I don't write down every appearance of her but in the latter case two pairs of panties have made me very horny One was a thong made up of mere straps at the beginning of which was a small triangular lace material and as it became a strap at the bottom it stretched into its vagina and went back through its buttocks and then popped out and connected to the rear crossband It was cyclamen The other was a pair of non-lace but otherwise totally transparent panties the front and rear parts of which were tied together at the bottom by a thin strap running parallel at the bottom of the vagina so that anything could be inserted into the vagina without taking any panties off or pulling them aside That was black And I will also mention one of those overalls Made of a slightly denser-woven black neckline and like other skin clung to his body but his nakedness beneath it was quite obvious
When I had enough I told him to take it all off She took off her little panties and a handful of bras that she was wearing and she stepped out of her actual high heels
- Now shove your underwear up your ass
- How do you do that? - he looked at me in question
- Be a little fucking creative Stuff it up your ass In fact to make sure your pussy isn't alone put the bra over there put the panties up your ass Let's keep a little bit of each one out
So he spread his legs swallowed his knees bent over and began to stuff the underwear inside him Front to the cunt back to the asshole It went a little harder but it worked out
"That was very poor come back here with your back and lean in" I said and then I pulled the bra out of it and lifted it up to my nose " your cunt stinks again" Is your ass like that? - and I pulled the stuff out of it and then I smelled it this time - your ass is dirty How were you expecting me? You smell like a road whore after the 20th round in the summer Get out and wash them all I want it scented and clean - I sent it


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