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Chapter I
In which I tell you what kind of honey I like But you're gonna have to figure out if I got a chain around my neck
When the door lock went up and I entered the stairwell both my knees began to tremble An old woman took the doorknob from me with her elbow barely touched it and I felt it was because she knew exactly why I was coming I think it must have taken me hours to get up to the second-floor corridor where I looked for the apartment door and rang the bell It couldn't have been more than a few seconds but I felt the eyes of all the residents in my back "Here's another one"They must have been right I was there
I only mailed the letter a few weeks ago and not only did I not know it was ever going to be published in the "sex dreams" column but even in my dream I didn't think so many people would respond to it Of course I wrote down that I'm 19 years old and I'm in the army I got a lot of envelopes some with letters in them I threw the full condoms right in the trash I'm not that kinky But what did I expect when I chose "Slave"as a sign word?
In any case here we are now greeted by two fine gentlemen in their 40s well-dressed and distinguished: firm hand-holding insecure kisses I know their names from their letters but which one is which? They push you in on the table Unicum champagne dry red wine mineral water and Krusty I've barely been to pest let alone an apartment like this Huge interior exotic furniture incense dull lights from every corner On the TV screen across the street there are naked guys all military A bearded man dressed as a doctor is touching their front Unfortunately my enlistment didn't go that way
Stomach in dumplings We'll have a few sips have a word I apologize and ask for the bathroom because I have no idea what to do One of you will escort me out give me a towel a robe show me where to find it and leave discreetly Now in the intentionally cold shower I think again: is this really how I want to lose my virginity? There's no definite answer from anywhere
I lose track of time again but suddenly I'm standing in front of them in a bathrobe There's nothing else on them They were The boys on the screen are in the middle of training I'd start now but how? I'm gonna sit between the two men on the couch grab a snack and stare at the screen It's like " I wanted to I wanted it I wanted it"My groin beats with the same rhythm
And then I get up to it and heaven is on the loose
This one on the right I think it's Gyuri Now I know why I turned that way in the first place Beneath her dressing-gown there is a considerable penis gazing at the ceiling Then towards me I've never had another man's dick in my hand a very strange hard foreign body at first As far as I could imagine I leaned over her acorn with my lips and with my tongue I found the hole in the middle and my right hand under the robe stroking her belly and I'm already feeling some delicious salty moisture with my tongue It's just some pre-secretion but it's delicious I'm losing my mind With my left hand I hold it at the base and sometimes I lick it like an ice cream sometimes like a popsicle push it down my throat as long as I can I can't be that bad I hear something about people not believing I'm doing it for the first time in my life Yeah in practice
Laci doesn't go behind my back and say "attack" He grabs my wrists pulls my arms back and takes my robe off I can see his hairy chest out of the corner of my eye but all I can do is talk On Nicholas ' body While Laci ties my wrists with a band of robes my lips crawl up Nicholas's belly to his nipples suck it bite it tickle it with my tongue I must for as he lay down the coat of his own he holds hands against the back of my head and controls me Another nipple neck back to the tits my tongue running down her belly back to her tail push it into me push it and push it I swallow I collect my saliva it drips down to its base I lick it back I smear it on its testicles my nose is full of saliva and the smell of dick I don't even know which is which anymore
You have to put it in two columns because while I'm drowning in joy Laci doesn't waste any time As a matter of fact I'm on the couch now with my hands tied on my back my butt cheeks firmly apart and his moustache is poking at my rose Every once in a while I wake up to a tenth of a second and there's this disgusting squeak and clattering all over my brain Me? Laci in all her heat is going to hit my ass so hard I don't think it's going to hurt My cock is pulling back pulling back squeezing Your hands aren't a little dry they're more sore than good but I can't speak my mouth is full But his tongue makes up for everything and I've known it ever since just like that would have been enough By the time I realize what it is about me that's warm and hard and delicate he's already poking around with his index finger and biting my butt cheeks I like Nicholas ' nipples


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