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I was in high school when the first one happened For me it was heaven when I was with the boy of my dreams I had the same feeling that I've rarely felt since then
It started with two new boys coming into our class that year They were both abroad a year before that so they were older than most of us I really liked one of them Psalm I dreamed about him I fantasized about him all the time and he got in my head when I masturbated Maybe the happiest day of my life was when I found out that he actually liked boys I felt at the time that a new phase was about to begin and I had the opportunity to do what I had not done before I can finally have sex with another boy
Now all I had to do was let her know that I really liked her and that I wanted to hook up with her
Our gym class wasn't co-ed separate boys separate girls The dressing room was already a place of visual delights for me because the boys usually get naked and after a rougher football game or basketball game of course they took a shower which again caused me a sea of delights I was afraid someone would notice I was looking at them or I'd be dead
So when the boys were dressed - there were some very handsome well-bodied among them-and they were naked and I saw their tails hanging their solid muscular beautiful bodies I had to hold back so I wouldn't get an erection I used to keep these cocks in my mind and fantasize about the boy dressing alone and I'd come in I'd walk up to him I'd just put them in my mouth and I'd get him to the top Then this dream came true
Everyone's changed we went to the gym I was sitting on the bench And then he went out for a drink or something and I thought about it and I went after him I was shaking my T-shirt like I was hot like I wanted to drink but that wasn't even close
In Psalm he took off his shirt bent over drinking fresh water from the tap I'm telling you it's such a hot beautiful body you rarely see So is the next of kin The best combination: intelligent kind loving beautiful what more do you need?
I didn't need any more He saw me come in and I watched him drink with pleasure He noticed that but he didn't mind And I came closer and I took his waist and he looked up to me but he understood the situation immediately and he smiled at me I started to pull him towards the one toilet behind the bathrooms (which was no more a little more area - ideal) and he did not resist There was still half a class left so a lot could have happened Fortunately the door was locked only from the inside and when we went in we locked ourselves in
I hurried down the toilet sat on it I took my shirt off so did he I looked him in the eye and I thought I had permission
And then he pulled down his shorts and his latex boxer shorts came out which was fantastically attached to his tail and buttocks It was so beautiful I could have come from this But he went on pulling down the boxers with great pleasure and provocation clearing the way for me
I started to deal with his dick awkwardly so he soon realized that I was going to come first
He gave no indication that my inexperience was an obstacle: he helped me He told me to let go and just focus on his dick After that he always encouraged me and told me if I was good at what I did
I started with my hands His cock soon filled with blood and mine too for I could hold in my hand the tool of the man of my dreams and soon in my mouth Then he put his hands on my shoulder stepped closer I looked into his eyes and I saw the moment I had been waiting for It was fantastic I've never felt anything like it Once again I had a clumsy start with my tongue and number and he smiled a little on me but I was not interested in it: I was only interested in his cock I moved on with my mouth as fast as I could smoking hard to give him the greatest pleasure I could()


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