Bad Big Step Sister Teaches Little Step Brother How to Fuck – Marsha May

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My trembling fingers glided gently on Kati's trembling body palpating the curve of the ribs sensing the agitated beating of the heart trembling behind them I leaned forward on the back of my stepbrother and panting with little kisses I gave him kisses sprinkled with sweat-stained shoulders neck and neck
With a cautious slowness I slipped farther and farther out until in a low voice I was finally out of the newly inaugurated anus Kati flinched almost immediately and a disgraceful whimpering burst from her throat
- Oh shit
He turned around scared and I understood what was troubling him But it wasn't what you thought it was coming out of your butt it was just my sperm running down your buttocks down to your pussy
- Take it easy - I tried to comfort him and I fell on the couch with trembling legs I looked at my penis with a slight aversion but I had no luck: I saw brown spots at the base of the foreskin brakes My semi-rigid Dong began to shrink almost immediately
Beyond my second orgasm with this not-so-sexy look on my face I had no idea how this was gonna turn into a third when we're both supposed to be in our sisters Anyway I got up to the bathroom and I'm sorry
- Wait I'm coming "Kati called after me and ignoring her former graceful walk she began a little in pieces" Zsolti was strangely not impatient and our stepbrother paid for it by spreading a kiss on my brother's lips
- Don't worry I can take it again I just need a break
"It seemed to me you enjoyed it" I looked at him with astonishment
- I enjoyed it But now I feel like I've been fucked in the ass
We laughed and the situation felt a disturbance dissolved in some strange bizarre passion
In the bathroom I let Kati Pass Me By and as I watched her wash herself I looked at her perfect body I was still disgusted by the brownish stains on my dick but I knew it wasn't up to me to make the sandwich It's mostly Katin
- Was it good for you? - he interrupted my vague thoughts dragging me back from the colorful terrain of my imagination I looked at him
- Actually it was the same only tighter And the view is different
'I wish I could say it was the same' he said
- Did it hurt?
- At first And now But I did enjoy it I can't wait for both of you to fuck me at the same time
Oops I guess the sandwich isn't up to Katie at the moment
And he came up to me gently pressed against me and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek
- Thank you - thank you - he whispered with a smile and then winked flirtatiously and derailed from the bathroom He didn't even give me a chance to thank him or even clear up what we were thanking him for
I cleaned myself out in five minutes and I stepped out of the living room in a hurry There was a surprising sight: Zsolti sat on the couch Kati sat on her lap in a riding seat and gently slipped up and down my brother's stiff tail My stepsister stroked the convex bottom of my left hand bending forward and making out with Zsolti in a hot almost-in-love kiss I could see from his glistening fingers that he'd put Vaseline on you
I raised my eyebrows and sat down in a chair nearby The two of them joined together so softly that they seemed to have a different connection This time not loud moans screams but soft lustful sighs wet kisses They almost made love and didn't fuck like they used to
Interesting development I thought
They didn't mind me watching them they moved like this for a few minutes and then Kati slowly pulled over and glanced back in the shade of her blonde hair He smiled at me then stood up turned around and descended into Psalm's lap He slid his feet to the edge of the sofa spread his legs and as he lowered his shapely hips he leaned on Zsolti's chest with his right hand and with his vaseline left hand he held my brother's cock glistening from his lust As he set it in direction he pulled the skin a few times routinely lubricating the steepening masculinity with the lube then taking a deep breath and slowly lowering his hip
And he was looking at me the whole time
I had a close-up view of her perfect body her sparkly pussy and her butt-sucking cock Kati's eyes were raised and she held on with both hands and slowly moved her hips and taking Psalm deeper His blue eyes shuddered his full lips stretched out and a faint moan came out of him And my brother took joy in the round hips but he didn't even try to control Kati's movements he just enjoyed what they did to her
I felt like I was getting a hard-on myself too and I watched them do it with their mouths open My right hand almost reached out and I pointed it at my starting tail and gently at the pace of Kati's movement I began to pull the skin on it In an astonishing short period of time I was hardened and all I wished for was to rush over there and with a firm motion to cut my virility into her vagina


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