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Ahhhhhhh come on Don't stop you can't stop Aaahhh aaahhh Fuck me hard Fuck me up I'm about to burst but very good "this was the cry of the flower almost delirious and making unarticulated sounds" I had no idea that a thin fragile 20-year-old girl could have such sounds coming out of her Oh my god
But stop we're getting ahead of ourselves A story usually doesn't start in the middle but it's such a pleasant memory I had to stick this in here
Let's start at the beginning
Hi I'm Ákos and I'd like to share with you another story that I'm not necessarily proud of but I don't regret The current event takes place two years after my previous story and as it turns out the main character will be one of my family members
It was summer again and like every summer my heart flew Fortunately my work allowed me more freedom at the time so I didn't have to strictly plan short weekends This was the opportunity for the members of my little family to spend a long weekend together on the banks of the Tisza We even looked at a house that was directly on the waterfront and it was located in a large enough area so that the neighbors wouldn't disturb us We booked the accommodation months before the appointment and planned what we were going to cook and what programs we were going to do In the week before the trip everyone bought in with maximum excitement for the weekend and of course as always we overcharged ourselves in every way
We looked at each other when we got there and everyone put the alcohol they brought on the table on the terrace But I'd rather it be more than less I was sure we had everything for the weekend Food drink and unbroken cheer All I needed was a good time
Fortunately time was kind to us and it was a nice 30 32 degrees We had a great time We bathed we drank we traveled we enjoyed life I love being with my family there's never a dull moment But there was one thing missing I haven't been with anyone in like two months and I've been craving a little adventure but that wasn't an option this weekend It wasn't the kind of program where you look around the local nightclub and pick up a hot girl and then take her home I didn't want to drag complete strangers around the family I took with me a couple of porno films and a good dose of lube to see if I could get a little clown Polish You know need is great
So the first day and a half passed in a fantastic mood and I was looking forward to Friday afternoon My cousins arrived on Friday This is a special occasion because they live 300km away from me and when I was a kid we only met at the High Holidays and in the summer It is interesting that from 365 days of the year we only spent 3-4 weeks together but I had a very close relationship with them They looked up to me and I was always looking out for them guiding them Well that's not entirely true because of my four cousins only the three boys were close The youngest Flower was different to me for a while Of course that's because I was the leader of the pack among the boys but she was a little girl He wasn't part of the band for a while
But as the years passed the flowers began to seek our company more and more We've always said in the family with three brothers behind his back he should have a man on his feet to conquer him One thing's for sure he's outdid his three brothers in a lot of ways She became a tough girl firm but not a tomboy Actually to this day I'm surprised how fast the little ones grew up because that's what I've always called them
Flower began to form at the age of 14 and became a woman by the age of 18 I remember taking a picture of her at her graduation and it was so good that it was exposed to everyone like a flower graduation picture She's a beautiful girl a beautiful creature God must have been in a very good mood when he made her because she's perfect in every way Slender long-legged Palm-breasted angel-faced and beautiful dark-haired race reaches to the middle of his back In short it's perfect And the best part is he's not high on himself at all She's normal she's not conceited she's not whiny He's into all the fun and games
It wasn't always like that as I said after she was 14 she started coming to us but mostly to me Every time I saw him he'd jump on my neck or sit on my lap often looking for my company It felt really good to me because I loved him so much He was like a brother to me
So Friday afternoon came and while I was sweating by the wrinkle the guests arrived Everyone hugged each other but Flower after a quick hello came straight to me and jumped on my neck She threw herself at me so hot I flinched and we fell to the ground()


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