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Can you believe it's been five years? 'asked Anna and she put her elegant fingers on Hector's broad manly hands' He's always admired a man's strong chin and romantic deep eyes
'As if we had only met yesterday' replied Hector looking directly into Anna's smoldering dark eyes with a lonely candle on their table The man's gaze now gazed upon her swollen lips and then on alabaster's neck as he gazed upon her tight yet beautiful body in the tight black dress she was wearing that night The seductive cleavage and the rich breasts rose rhythmically with Anna's every breath
They sat in the corner of a fancy restaurant and ignored the Busboys and the chatters Anna now placed a small package in front of Hector his long red-glazed nails fit the colour of the wrapping paper
"Happy anniversary" he said
Hector loved her hand Recently he began to wear a ring on every finger which only made him more exotic Hector opened the package with a smile from which an erotic poem from The Song Dynasty came out The man now raised Anna's hand to her lips and breathed a gentle kiss on all her fingers Anna now leaned closer and whispered in her ear " turn the page
Hector opened the book and found a nice black thong between the pages Anna now drew closer clinging her mouth to the man and her tongue was passionately circling while her graceful foot slipped out of her high-heeled shoes and began to massage Hector's foot
When they split up Hector sighed with a deep sigh and he heard Anna giggle
- What's so funny? - he asked
'Yesterday I heard a woman say there was nothing pleasant about the first time we were together' replied Anna
Now it was Hector's turn to laugh
'Yes indeed' continued Anna rubbing her graceful foot further on the man's calf which gave him a pleasant thrill across her spine - He also said that for the first time the two people don't really know each other so it could be an awkward situation
'That may be the case for some' replied The man resting his hand on Anna's thigh She felt the warmth of her skin through the slits of her dress up to the waist through the black silk stockings Anna pushed even closer stretched her breasts to the man's chest and Hector rubbed her firm but flexible thighs and heard nothing but her purring as she thought of what she was like when she first met him
It was a rainy Sunday afternoon when Hector entered the university library That's where he first saw Anna He rarely went there on weekdays but he continued his research there when only a few students were loitering and not giggling behind his back It is true that he gave lectures on human sexuality and he never missed the fact that the auditorium was crowded when his lectures were about erotic hindu sculpture or Japanese drawings of love positions banned in some states
He saw Anna behind the librarian's desk taking notes from a book Her silky black hair was held together in a tight bun her high-necked white Victorian blouse and her horn-rimmed glasses did not strike me from her dark exotic features Moreover his conservative attire emphasized his sexy appearance even more And Hector's imagination couldn't help but explore the sensual lips the joys they might have She suddenly hung her dark almond-cut eyes on him for just a fraction of a second and then buried herself in the book again He didn't seem to care about Hector
'I better get to work' thought Hector looking for an empty table in the reading room and drawing out his notes Minutes later he noticed someone pushing his chair back and tumbling around on heels
She felt a lump in her throat when Anna passed by her table with a firm gray button-like skirt all over the side which drew her sexy figure but it was the clanking of her black heels that made her trousers rise from the front with the intensity of the last time she was 18 years old
'Not exactly library attire' he thought admiring the girl's back embosses and the outlines of her thong-pants as Anna bent over for a book Then she turned around and went back to her desk Hector meanwhile was looking through his book When she got to her desk it was only then that she realized it was a Chinese Sex book full of full-page illustrations


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