Bratty Sis – Trading In Toy For Step Brother’s Big Cock! S8:E4

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I was asleep Deeply calmly My room was lockedI always lock it at night I'm lying naked in my bed and I wouldn't accidentally leave anything on because I love it when the soft blanket caresses my dick It was a pleasant night lukewarm weather absolute silence even on the streets
I dreamed I was in a beautiful place beautiful scenery nyárde I can barely see this place that's nice to me because suddenly I open my eyes My cock has a severe erectile dysfunction and all I can feel is someone sucking it with their strong mouth When I wake up I get really scared and I pull my dick out of my mouth She looks at me
- Don't be afraidlet me continue - the woman's voice in the dark
- Who are you? How did you get here?
I tried to turn the light on but it didn't work my heart was pounding so loud it was like a hammer hitting something fast
- Don't you recognize me? - he asked
- How did you get in here? What are you doing here? - I thought I was going to die fear and fear were trying to outdo each other in me
- Calm down it's just me
In the dim light he looked at me and as he leaned forward towards me sitting at the edge of my bed his face became visible for a moment in the glare I didn't know how she got there I just knew who she was a nice girl among my friends Niki Nonsense That's what I thought how'd you get in here? My door's locked the apartment's locked the dog down in the yard won't let anyone in the guard dog wakes up at the slightest sound
- How'd you get in here? Why did you do this to me?
- Calm down relax let me continue
 I can't what would my girlfriend say if she found out?
- Would you make love to me in your sleep? - he asked
- In my sleep? But we're not sleeping
As I said it I was overwhelmed by incomprehensible uncertainty I'm not sleeping? Or is it? Is my imagination playing tricks on me? I mean it's almost impossible to get into a room without waking up to something And now Niki was there But how? Am I asleep? Am I awake?
- Are you sure about this?
- No I'm notabsolutely not"I said" I don't know what you're doing here" This could be a dream lehetde it's very real
Then to be sure of myself I leaned over to Niki and took her shoulder her arms and my hand moved down with a stroke and then stopped on her thigh
- You really are real But how?
- Don't worry about it - he told me and then he rolled me back and bent down again and put my dick in his mouth
I had a powerful lust a spasm of cock as she suckled it I used to dream about having sex with her I just felt like I wanted it I needed this feeling because I haven't felt this way about this girl in a long time She's a radiant beauty who's always had an effect on me and she's doing it now but in a way I've never had the chance to feel before I kept thinking about ithow did you get here? Why? What's going on here? But these questions by the time I could answer them I stopped caring about your answers His delicate hands played with my testicles caressed them gently massaged them as he walked with his soft warm mouth but surely he carried me towards fulfillment My last Fear was gone and I felt it was the end and I didn't want to hold it back My sperm went into the girl's mouth without a sound At night I didn't want to be loud either so I clenched my teeth trying to get over my orgasm as quietly as possible Niki let go of my penis gave him a nice squeeze
- I don't understand What are you doing here? - I've asked you again with a clear head
- Don't worry about itjust enjoy it - he said in a whisper
- But I want to know  and I tried to turn on the lights but it didn't work
- Don't worry just relax
- How do you do that? You come in here without me knowing you do this to me and it's like you're not even awake lennékde it's so real
- Close your eyes
I closed it As soon as it happened I heard she was slowly getting rid of her clothes I was afraid to open my eyes because I was afraid my dream would end I was just lying on my back naked waiting I was waiting for something to happen I could feel him rising from my bed and a few seconds later slowly laying gently on me with his fragile feminine body
- yeah She's beautiful - I said it in my head
- Thank you - thank you - said Niki in a whisper
- This onehow did you hear that? I didn't say it out loud - I said half-loud surprised
- Shh - he put his index finger on my lips
My eyes still haven't opened and it felt wonderful to see her hot body resting on mine with her legs next to me sitting halfway on top of me I could feel the air as he breathed out of his lips the lukewarm Breath of my face He took his finger off my lips and his mouth to make sure that I would not speak again He kissed me()


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