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My dad died before I was born and my mom took care of me by herself till I was six months old That's when he met my stepfather Sanyi Although I don't like to use that pejorative word because I really liked it and I didn't feel that he wasn't my biological father at all
Tall dark hair muscular but not the muscular man We used to rest on Lake Balaton in the summer and then when I turned 15 we went to Croatia and we've been going there ever since I started interested in boys when I was 17 and I had a couple of good-looking kids in school but none of them had the same effect on me as Sanyi The events started when I was 19
It was almost summer again and the day of departure My mom and I packed the clothes we packed the food and all the beach stuff was in the same place Mom told me to help Sanyi load the car The rubber mats frogs ' legs and stuff quickly got into the trunk but when I tried to put the cans in the roof box somehow I couldn't That's when Sanyi came up behind me and lifted the package over my head All of a sudden I felt like my butt was being pushed by a hard cylindrical object It took me half a second to realize that was Sanyi's Dick I got a little dizzy and it felt really good But it didn't last forever Sanyi walked away from me smiled at me and went whistling away
Last night it was all I could think about in my room In my mind I continued to weave the event and my hand slowly slipped into my pants My index finger and middle finger quickly found my little button and I pushed myself towards satisfaction in writing little circles I imagined his dick coming back at me I'm gonna reach back and feel it When I touch it it starts swelling under my palm slowly popping out of Sanyi's pants and the purple Acorn wedges between my fingers I turn around I pull out the rest of it and the hairy balls come out and now the excitement makes them shrink and I pull the skin down
My pussy was all wet under my imagination and my sheets were all wrinkled up under my butt I felt the satisfaction wasn't far away In my mind I knelt in front of Sanyi and began to kiss his acorn and slowly slipped the stiff pole into my mouth That's when my body exploded and I held my breath moaned little and I came for a long time My body was still a little twitchy but the lust calmed slowly and I fell asleep and fell asleep
We left early the next morning mom was driving in Hungary and Sanyi was driving in the back but as soon as we crossed the border they switched and then Mom asked me to take a little more nap so I sat in the front Soon he fell asleep and I stared at the scenery I kept thinking about last night so soon I saw him At first I looked at his face the two-day-old stubble the line of his mouth his eyes his ears and then I looked at his chest And then he moved down And once again I had a pleasant feeling when I saw his fly bulge quite a bit I wanted to pet him but that was out of the question On the one hand I haven't been proactive yet on the other hand I didn't know how Sanyi would react and on the other hand I also thought that my mom was lying in the back and what if she saw it? But still my panties are wet
Sanyi must have noticed something too because he looked at me smiled and asked:
- You want to sit here?
That was kind of ambiguous for me More than anything I wanted to sit there and sit in it and ride it up and down But I didn't dare I couldn't say it I smiled at him and turned my head and only then did I dare to speak:
- Maybe down the Adriatic
After that we talked about our vacation the sea and shopping and mom woke up soon and after an hour and a half we were waiting in line at the ferry We went out to buy tickets go to the bathroom and have coffee Then we roll up to the ferry and head for the island The accommodation was booked in advance (unlike two years ago when we ran after him for half a day) settled in quickly jumped in swimwear and headed for the sea We've been swimming all day sunbathing talking eating sandwiches packed for the road We went up to the House last night and we were sleeping on the terrace and Sanyi opened a bottle of wine and we were drinking it It was getting dark and we felt like going to bed I stayed a little longer on the terrace enjoyed the gentle breeze blowing from the sea caressing my body But my eyes are almost stuck
I got up from the chair and headed to my room I heard faint voices from my parents ' room so I began to listen with my breath At first I heard only bits and pieces of sound then moans and then clearly the sounds of lovemaking I listened the creaking of the bed my mother's moans Sanyi's growling voice and then the little screams set me on fire I gently pressed the doorknob and I was relieved to think the lock wasn't squeaking


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