Teens Love Huge Cocks – Janice Griffith

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Foreword recommendation:
I'm Zoli 25 That's my first story It took a little while but it's worth reading:) I could have done that split it up but I thought it was better that way I've been browsing the internet a lot reading a lot of erotic writing but I've noticed that a lot of them unfortunately are going all out In fact I was inspired to create something a little different from the usual which in terms of style is not a curiosity but perhaps it would break me out of the grayness of the stories mentioned earlier There's no need to be alarmed it's purely heterosexual with all kinds of weirdness (animal pee-poomy story is free I highly recommend it to girls it can be educational for them Although I wrote the story in the first person it's too beautiful and exciting to look original Or is it? I say that in today's world-a bit cliché but very true - anything can happen And if there's even a chance that you're going to experience something like this you have to believe it's true
It all started on a nice Tuesday I was a lifeguard at the local indoor pool to get some summer allowance I mean at the end of July you don't get scholarships from college you just have to go out and partyI like to swim very much it's been my favorite hobby since I was a kid because it moves every muscle in a man and all of this with a minimal strain on his joints as opposed to almost all "land-based" sports It's not bad for the girls because it makes you look pretty good when you're serious The pool itself opened about a month ago and I've been working here ever since Yes the guest traffic was stagnating in my opinion because people prefer to go to the beach right next to the swimming pool sunbathe and swim like a closed bar air-conditioned swimming pool The only way someone could have come in here is if they bought a HUF 300 difference ticket next to the beach entrance ticket This means that in the swimming pool of about 30 dressing rooms designed for traffic of 100-150 people per day it is good to have five or ten people per day In a word it was boring every day and I've read as many books here in a month as I've read all my life together The only color in my boring days was a girl who would come swimming every Tuesday at 4: 00 in the afternoon When he showed up all I could think about was him She was slender athletic 5 '6" long brown hair medium size but she had nice tight round breasts He was 18 20 years old Based on this her body did not fit exactly into the stereotype of the "blonde - big - breasted - long - thigh-no-good-for-anything-other-than-sex-stupid mall-kitten" in today's fashion It was hot for me but not just sexually There was something inexplicable about him A friend of mine came in once to check on me and I just casually pointed out to her what she thought He gave her nothing more than a" not bad" But I was mesmerized Your vibe Yeah I think I was caught up in his vibe and his beautiful face I saw him four times but I always saw that cool calm balanced look in his eyes It was very puzzling to me why his face was always so emotionless He would always enter the pool go up to the dressing room to change -- in the same room as the pool above it and around it was a hanging Hall and there were the dressing rooms -- he would come down with a head in the water and he would always come out exactly one hour later Until then he was constantly swimming in different genders but in all of them he was beautiful I kept staring at her but she never looked at me Four times in an hour with an average of only five people in the pool he didn't even look at me I thought about talking to him several times but I felt so cold that it never happened
Then on that beautiful Tuesday the ice broke
I couldn't wait for you to come because I knew your routine and it wasn't any different now He showed up at 4: 00 sharp and went up to the usual dressing room He opened his door but he didn't come in he just stood there for a long second and then suddenly he looked down at me Right in the eye Her stopping in the locker room was so weird I forgot I was staring at her When he looked at me like I was electrocuted it was so sudden It was rather embarrassing at first but he did not give me time to blush but he waved his index finger to go up to him and then entered the dressing room and folded the door behind him leaving it open only a crack I thought everything was freezing inside of meI felt like my first love in kindergarten paid attention to me But I hesitated for a fraction of a second and walked up the stairs When I got to the booth I was wondering if I should knock but in the end I just walked in()


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