FamilyStrokes – I Want My Stepdad to Take My Virginity

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I just had a bad breakup My girlfriend wouldn't let me cocoon at home crying moping
One Friday night he tried to get me to go to a disco with him As it is I opposed this whole idea
 Oh you can't spend the rest of your life moping over one man There are so many more - yeah that was my girlfriend eating men But no wonder she had a nice face and a nice body She hasn't even really experienced a serious relationship or love yet But I loved him because he was really cool
- Come on come on man You're gonna get kidnapped - that made me smile He's not the kind of guy who can't take care of himself
First of all she's very discreet or better yet I'm not wearing a party dress at all
- You don't mean that do you?
 Look I agreed to go with you but don't expect me to put on a hot sexy dress - I said it in a bit of an angry tone
- Okay fine But at least wear a top - and innocent [bleep] blinked at him
What can you do I changed it
It took us a long time to get to the nightclub and we managed to get in I'm headed to the nearest toilet I parked in a chair at the bar
- Are you gonna sit here all night?
- Why don't you go dance? I'll be fine Get out of here Go Go Go - scared but left me He's lost in the crowd At the bar he was a really nice guy I waved to him
- What can I get you?
- Mineral water please - yeah it's kind of ridiculous but I didn't mean to get drunk and I don't like alcohol anyway I could tell he was laughing inside me but he'd pour the drink and keep on serving the other thirsty guests
Sometimes he'd look at me while I was servinghe'd smile at me It was annoying but I liked it Things got a little quieter at the bar
- Why isn't such a pretty girl dancing all night? - said jove the bartender boy
- My friend dragged me away - I said angry But he didn't give up and eventually he succeeded and we began to talk about a completely neutral subject though as far as we could with the Beltway disco Music
Suddenly my girlfriend got involved As soon as he saw me talking to a guy he smiled That's all I need
- Looks like you're having a good time
- Don't get me started
- Me? Do you know me? - he said it all with a grin
- Of course you never did
 I just came by to let you know that I met an old friend of mine and he invited me to another party - I see what he wants
- Go ahead
- But leaving him alone like this? How are you going to get home? First I drag you away now and then I leave you here
- Are you still there?
He jumped on my neck and said good-bye I thought it would be better if I went I had a hard time getting up when someone knocked on my back I turned around Gee that serving boy with my wallet How did he get it?
- Come with me - he screamed in my ear
- For what?
- Just come
I was right behind him So standing up we were tall We had a hard time getting through the crowd We can go to some VIP room for sure There's a huge sofa with a dark blue color on the wall and a light blue light A little window where you could see people dancing As soon as he closed the door we were a long way from outside music The room was soundproof I put my shoulder against the wall in a comfortable position
- Now you want to tell me why we came here?
- To give you your wallet back so we can talk - he approached me and held out my wallet
I took it away angrily and pushed it and aimed at the door but I couldn't get it open I turned around:
- Open it now - I screamed - Hey open up - I kept quiet and pretended to be calm We stood one step apart watching him stare at me look from my feet to the top of my head
- You look beautiful - and before I could answer he grabbed me and kissed me I don't know why but I returned the favor and I got it and I pushed it away I don't think he noticed much of it I was trying to get out in time()


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