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I am Gabor The following story happened to me so you must have met him from the most authentic source Before I get to it let me have a thought about what sex means to me For me real sex is when a man and a woman have a good time together and do everything for each other's pleasure There are no taboos no limits just a desire to please which allows everything and forbids anything Which is why the only thing that counts as pervervio is what's against the partner
Exactly ten years ago I dated a girl I was madly in love with He loved me too or so he said Her name was Annamaria she was 17 and I was 22 We got along very well we had a lot of trouble but the reconciliation was always sweet I live in an alföld small town Annamari lived in a village 20km from where she took the train to see me We spent every weekend together We went to disco parties or if we wanted to be alone we got a room at the local bed and breakfast
My story takes place on a Saturday in Love starring the fiery emotions After the unpleasant Gray boring everyday life these Saturdays were my hope of joy and happiness
Annamari's train arrived at the railway station at 2: 15For the pleasure of meeting you we hugged each other and took a cab and went to the espresso machine
We spent time sitting next to a Coke telling each other funny stories that happened to us that week After that we went to a movie not so much watching a movie as making out While kissing Anika's little hand went on an adventurous journey through my fly And I said as we were sitting in a very public place:
- We'll do this later at the hotel
- But I'm crazy about you right now - he cut me off
Then I advised him in a voice of desire to let the film go to hell and get a room We did We have a room with a bathroom with a view of the city River
When we got comfortable I got right to the point He lay on his back and asked me to undress him I unbuttoned her blouse and then her pants and stockings
All she had on was her lace bra and thong panties when she suddenly jumped up and started dancing like a real demon And then with one stroke she tore her bra off and another one on her panties
"Come" he said " I want to do it in the bathtub"
We went to the bathroomwhere he opened the water tap While the water was flowing he undressed me As he pulled down my pants with his underwear I came out of my six-inch prancing stick
- Yeah - he was amazed and entered the tub After me
Standing opposite each other we soapered each other everywhere Then when we had washed each other perfectly Annamari suddenly turned putting her right foot on the edge of the tub and with her shapely ass staring at me over her shoulder she said:


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