Nurse Mom Gives Her Step-Son an Exam – Molly Jane – Family Therapy

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I woke up the next morning alone There was a note on Zsofi's pillow waiting for me to read it:
I went to the store the coffee's still warm - I love you Kiss: Zsofi
"I love you" I repeated to myself that magic word That's when I realized how I really felt about my niece: I love her but not like an uncle who loves his niece I was overcome by a feeling I knew but never met to such an extent: love How we feel about each other we haven't told each other yet but I vowed to come clean to Zsofi
I got out of bed I put on my shorts and my shirt and then I headed to the kitchen
- Good Morning - Good Morning - Hello Kitty Zsofi's sister He laughed at my astonished face
- Good Morning - Good Morning - I greeted him and sat down at the table opposite him
- You want some coffee?
- Yes thank you
- How long has this been going on? - he asked unexpectedly Your question struck me as a bolt of lightning and I swallowed the coffee
"Since zhuzsa's birthday party" I replied reluctantly - How did you find out?
- Last night as soon as I got home I went to see Jofi I was surprised to see you next to him You were so in love even in your dreams that I had no doubt about your feelings
- So you know
- Yeah - yeah
As if you were reading my mind you've already answered my unanswered question:
- Don't worry no one will know not from me I'm glad to see Zsofi happy
"Thank you for your discretion" I replied relieved
After we had the coffee Kitty said goodbye to me because she had to go to work He worked as a shop clerk in the village
After I washed the coffee cups and put them off the table I went to Zsofi's room to clean them up I opened the window and enjoyed the morning sun
- Good Morning - Good Morning "suddenly Zsofi said behind my back and I took a big leap" Zsofi came to me laughing and I could not quell my laughter I kissed her and then I held her in my arms like I never wanted to let her go And he asked me:
- What was that for?
"I love you Zsofi" I replied " I love you more than anyone in the world" I've felt this way for a long time but I haven't told you You brought it to my attention in your message this morning - here I gave you the message-and that's when I agreed to tell you You're the miracle of my life Thank you for being there for me I hugged him again and he returned it as tightly as he had never done before He kissed me and then he looked at me in our embrace That's when I noticed his eyes were watering Her emotion made her even more beautiful
"I love you too" he answered " more than anyone You are a light to me in the dark a voice to me in silence a life force to me in weakness Thank you for being there for me too
I didn't stop for that confession without tears I embraced Zsofi and covered her face and lips with kisses
- What did you get at the store?
"I took back the whipped cream and the wine and bought some more things" he pointed to the basket behind him which I laughed at and then took to the kitchen so that everything would fall into place
 I talked to momshe'll be home soon
Soon Noah arrived
- What were you kids doing home? - he asked us
"Watching TV listening to music Walking With Lucy" we answered in choir
"And soon we shall go on a field trip with the Zsuzsa" said Zsofi
- You guys go ahead When are you coming?
- We don't know yet We'll call you when we get home
- All right but take care
- I will
A feverish preparations had begun for the Zhuzsa would be arriving any moment When that happened we said goodbye to Noah and then we got in the car and we left Zsuzsa introduced me to Matthew his mate We talked in a relaxed mood laughing
All of a sudden Zsofi pulls out a pair of handcuffs and a shawl He asked me to put my hands behind my back and then he handcuffed me Zsuzsa watched her activities with a smile Zsofi then blindfolded me with this blindfold I laughed and asked them what they were up to
- You'll find out don't pry - they replied laughing Soon however Zsofi freed me
- What's going on? - I asked in amazement
"Roadside check" answered the girls in the choir They'll think we kidnapped you And we all started laughing Meanwhile Matthew stepped aside obeying the police arm signal
After a few minutes we were on the road again for the watchful guards of the order found everything in order I was once again captured and I took note of it with a smile After a long hour of driving we reached our destination Zsofi and Matthew helped me get out of the car and a few moments later I was able to get out of the cuffs and the shawl again We were sitting in the living room of a homely furnished house Zsofi Zsuzsa and Matthew were happy in my astonishment


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