Trick Or Treat Fuck With My Hot Step Sister And Her Friend


Teca and I used to have serious sex fights on Friday afternoons for both our sakes Unfortunately there was a Friday when Belam didn't work so he had to be home on time We had a quickie in my office on the desk or on the couch
Very soon it was born out everything was in bloom we were doing well with the spring work It was time to start our catering project
I was looking for a name firstI didn't want to advertise the place with my own name I heard from older people that at the top of the mountain there was once a cave called The Devil's cave That's how Devil's Mountain cellar became our name and I want to sell our wines with that name
I printed out invitations and personally took them to hotels campsites restaurants and travel agencies in the area The invitation to introduce The Devil's Mountain cellar invited people I managed to get a musician and waitresses and all I needed was a cook
The lady in the next village Gizella was recommended by Mr Gyula I soon came to see him and at my knock a tall short woman in her fifties with big tits answered the door
- Norbert the Gyula said you wanted to talk to me Come on in
He offered me a seat and there was soda and cake on the table He sat down and smiled at me
- Tell me what my child can do for you
I took a deep breath and told him what I was doing here He listened attentively and I trusted him to get his attention
- Listen kid I like you and I know your grandmother so I'm taking the job Of course you have to calculate that you have to carry it because that's why I can't walk 10 kilometers a day I'll leave the payment to you but don't be too cheap
We had a deal on rent and it started this weekend It was a beautiful Saturday in May and there were a lot more visitors than I expected Thanks to mama Gizi we received the guests with fresh warm scones and schnapps Then we went down to the cellar where I told you about the mountain our wines which of course you have tasted At one of the white wines I switched to German and went on I've seen some people smile with satisfaction but some people ask German questions I suppose you were wondering if I really understood German or if I was just saying a memorized line But I also convinced the doubters that the cellar visit was in a good mood By the time we got up there it was all set and dinner was ready Everybody loved mama Gizi's cooking and it was deer stew with dowels and salad The musician gave me a good time after the waiters cleaned me out and I was handing out brochures In these I wrote down what services we can provide and how much we cost You could order a wine tasting with dinner music or even no music You could just have a wine tasting with scones and greasy bread Or bacon cookingand even cooking in a pot At the end of each offer I printed "unlimited wine" in large letters It was a surprise to the guests but they thought it was a very good publicity stunt There was no difficulty in that I set the prices so that it would fit At the time there was no price for wine a litre of wine could be bought for the price of a bottle of beer I figured that on average a person couldn't drink more than a liter of wine and that was more than enough On my way out I gave a little gift to my guests and everyone got a bag containing a bottle of red wine a bottle of white wine and a small bottle of brandy I was hoping this little investment would pay offall I had to do was wait for the guests
We were just getting started we had four nights booked for the next week A few weeks ago Grandma Gizi and I worked together and we got along really well He called me little boss and I called him Mamma Italian Because he was temperamental free-mouthed and loud But at work he's fast and precise He didn't despise liquor though he hardly drank while he was at work Sometimes he'd have to wait a little longer for me to take him home and well he'd drink himself up On the way home he started stroking my legs and my dick I let him have his fun maybe it felt good but one time he was really horny When we got home he asked me to take him inI did his request without suspicion We walked in he locked the door and he stood in front of me
- Well boss you ain't leaving here till you get your ass wet It's so tingly I'll go crazy if you don't fuck me now
- All right - okay
- Really? - yeah - you were surprised by my answer
But then he didn't think much he took me to the bedroom He stripped me of my clothes in no time and knelt before me He caressed her crumbled her and took my pride in his mouth He gave me a groan and then he grabbed my scrotum and started massaging it


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