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I've been thinking about it a lot and I realize that my sex life is a little confusing I fuck even when I don't really want to Of course it's nice so you're deceiving me I've noticed that lately I've been wanting to see that even at my age people find me attractive people like me My vanity When I recall my old adventures I distinctly remember that the most exciting never was the act but the "garnish" The boob and pussy show the glances you catch the pleasing to others Showing my body always turned me on more than the act itself because it always gave me a unique experience I don't care about any values or rules I'll walk through any social and cultural barriers if my sexual appetite so requires I'm in a race I have to compete with pretty girls half my age And I have to compete with time After the fourth X it's very difficult to do this because youth and beauty are fleeting You have to take your time I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror God was really good to me: he gave me a very beautiful seductive teenage face flawless skin and hair shapely sporty thin body And huge libido incessant sexual appetites I love fucking and I don't feel ashamed of taking advantage of my beauty As an ugly woman I would certainly have killed myself for the eternal rejection for with such appetites I would have always been unsatisfied or I would have had to spend my miserable life with dozens of vibrators The two are independent of each other; appetite and beauty I would have had the same appetite as an ugly woman So I'm not ashamed of living my God-given beauty and enjoying life A woman I know once asked me why I fuck so many guys when I'm so pretty I mean I can have any one of them But I don't fuck because I can't find the right one because I love my husbandI fuck because I enjoy it If I'm pretty should I be more discreet? No you're not I'd rather take advantage of my gift and eat life with my mouth full If I could live my life again I'd do a lot of things differently but I'd still be getting myself fucked up The whole world revolves around beauty and sex not money With beauty you can achieve almost anything As long as men are the main decision-makers a beautiful woman has open doors Some say I could have been a top modelbut I'm short My husband says there's not a straight man in the world who doesn't want to fuck me right now when he looks at me And I even pull them up with my flashes And I'm gonna take this opportunity to fuck myself So I am proud of my beauty and I love to show you what I have I need this for my big libido and I'm giving the other side a lot of pleasure I'd love to show you my pussy ' cause I think it's really pretty It's not just a cut it's a nice shape with pretty lips sensitive clitoris nurtured fragrant I've always tried to keep it in order Hygiene and the pleasant smell of the body are very important for a woman I've always been sensitive about that I've seen a lot of pussy and mine is definitely one of the great ones I'm proud of that and I'd be happy to show you The only way we can achieve anything with our beauty is to show it to the world Otherwise it will be wasted and taken with us to our graves
I was supposed to go to a bachelor party I was invited by a guy I met on this site who I knew before
Friday night we set off for the night around 8: 00 My partner took mewe stopped for dinner on the way to Siófok We got there by dark As soon as I entered the garden at a beach house on Lake Balaton the two or three men appeared next to me with a big smile and they began to woo me We've been waiting for you They made me music offered me food and drink We danced and talkedtime passed my excitement has gone to heaven
"Can I take a shower?"After the showerI didn't change back I was dressed in high heels I sat naked in front of them in front of the TV on the couch The football dog was on In less than a minute there were eight of us I was afraid of what would happen? "How many more are coming?"All that's missing is a buddy" came the comforting answer The talk was going on pretty well for the inexperienced but open-minded bored housewife to see what was waiting for her because they thought she was The mood came and I enjoyed it more and more I went to the lap and I let them touch me a little bit butt back footbreast and pussy They spread my legs to give me a better look at my wet hole which I enjoyed most I masturbated a little for them It was so hard not to pull a dick out of those bulging pants It's a lot harder than I thought it would be But I would have thought sex was premature I pretended to be drunk because I knew they'd keep me drunk while I was awake So I quickly got up and walked around to calm down()


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