At This Hotel, You Get Dick W/ Your Room Service

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I want to tell you an unusual story that changed my life
We're a 30-something couple we both play sports on some level and they call us a good-looking couple My husband has been working out for a little while but because of his work he has a nice muscular body with some beginning Tubby which I like very much I take care of myself I have a tight ass and nice tits I've got three or four kilos on me but Gabi thinks I'm perfect
I love my husband and he gives me everything but what he gave me last summer I never expected He's very jealous so I never would have thought he'd do something like this
That's where it all started because he's been asking me for years I agreed to play an unusual game He always wanted to videotape our lovemaking and for some reason that I don't know I said yes When we watched the movie I looked under the covers and I was shy but I was excited to see it and we repeated it a few more times
It's been a few months since the first tape but we didn't want to overdo it and we haven't even filled two tapes since Summer came and we were looking forward to our family vacation where we managed to make a film that has been the most precious piece of our home videos ever since I don't want anyone to see this right now so I'm just gonna write that unforgettable experience out of me
We were on holiday abroad with a couple of friends Betty and Tommy Our days were in a completely different mood than at home so maybe that's why this happened We've been there for the third day and my husband Gabi hasn't approached me which was surprising because he could do it every night It was the night we got from the beach to the summer house The kids got tired and we put them to bed early and we had another hour on the rooftop The Bettys are younger than us they're a 22 and 26-year-old couple and we're 32 and 35 but we have a lot in common and it's good to hang out with them When we ran out of those two bottles of wine we brought up we headed to our rooms I hardly ever drink so I got a little carried away with the little wine I had and we closed the door behind us in a very good mood We were talking about how we think the Tomis might be in the same condition and they might come over with another bottle Gabi joked about how exciting it would be if we were caught making love I didn't want to think about it but behind my shyness there was an unusual thrill of terror when I imagined it We were huddled up to the bed kissing violently while Gabi reached down with one hand and turned on the nightstand camera I used to miss this move on purpose but now I was so free I even memorized it:
- I thought you didn't want to answer here
"You know I always want to" he replied
I was very excited by the way he kissed me I was intoxicated with wine and the thought of watching our lovemaking as an outside observer again when we watched the video at home We're a regular couple we know what each other needs and Gabi's still gently reaching under my shirt He caressed my back my stomach and then he walked towards my breasts First he gently circled my bra and then he reached down and slid it up and grabbed my naked breasts harder I caressed him too and grabbed his dick through his pants As always he was ready to go We were still kissing and sighing in each other's mouths She began to crumble my nipples between her fingers and I had this well-known shudder all over my body and I wished for it like the first time I slept with her He slipped one hand on my butt and grabbed me under my bikini He hugged me harder he grabbed my ass and he tried to reach for my pussy with one finger We were still standing by the bed so I stepped on it with one leg to find what it was looking for and I tried to keep it a little further away from myself so I could reach into his pants At last I had a large throbbing cock in my hand but I could not do much with it in the grip of the trousers but I was holding it and trying to get some movement out of my wrist He reached for my pussy which was all wet and couldn't wait to be filled I took my foot off the bed and freed myself from the grip I wanted to feel it in my mouth and I got down on my knees while I put his pants down to his ankles I saw his tool in my face and I took it right in my mouth and I started sucking it wild I didn't want to have a long foreplay right nowI wanted to feel it inside me as soon as possible I tried to push it as deep into my mouth as I could and I looked up to see how much he enjoyed it He couldn't take it much longer so he reached down and pissed me off He laid me on the bed kicked the pants off and as he dropped his shirt he descended over me We kissed again we stuck our tongues deep in each other's mouths and sometimes he sucked mine sometimes I sucked his()


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