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It was late at night and the lights were just here and there in the office building On the 14 floors however life was still in full swing and the company is celebrating the completion of one of the projects which rewarded the long months of work with a considerable amount of money
A lot of people have gone home but the hard core those six people are still celebrating Irene one of the architects was sitting alone in one of the chairs
He's had a few sips of champagne a little dizzy and that's why he sat down He looked at the others talking loudly in the office They've all had a little too much to drink
- So Irene are you glad you got it all out of the way? - he turned to his colleague a little snippy by one of the construction guys
- What do you think? - Irene laughed herself - that fucking staircase just got in place
- Stairs?  I had a much harder thing to do
A few seconds later another aging man struck
"It's finally over" he sat down next to her in a chair
- That's right Robert that's right "I was looking forward to a little relaxation" he replied sipping a large glass of champagne in his hand
He loved Robert he was a real man he dressed elegantly he looked young even when he was 55 his springy walk revealed that he was a man with a sporty lifestyle And besides he was always very polite to her Somewhere he was like a little father to him He smiled when he got here in his mind wondering what this man would say if he knew how many times he'd masturbated while he was dreaming
- Did you see how happy the boss was when we handed over the plans without any trouble or trouble?
 Yeah he was out of his mind Irene nodding his head and he didn't have much to do with it - he added It gallantly
 Anyway the point is it's all over The last few weeks have been really exhausting "'replied Robert looking at Irene
Irene was embarrassed and Robert looked at her in a strange way and he'd never seen that interesting flame in his eyes It was like that
"How pretty you look today" said Robert
He understood the lights so now they're not father - daughter they're more male-female The old thoughts came out when she made love to this man
"That's a lame line Robert" said Irene smiling
 Okay what was I supposed to say? - he raised his eyebrows
- Well you could look under my dress or you could grab my boobs or you just want to fuck me
Robert sneezed into his champagne Irene laughed
- You know Robert I've wanted to know you for so long "closer" murmured Irene as she drew nearer to him and placed her hand on his groin
- yeah Irene-he moaned
 Come on haven't you ever dreamed of seeing me naked? To touch my breasts or put your dick in my mouth? - she looked at him laughing
- Yes you can I'm just scared there's a lot of people here
- Then let's go to the other officewe can be alone there
"All right" said the man
They tried to sneak into the other office without being noticed After they closed the door behind them Robert went straight for Irene but she stopped him
- Wait there's no rush where are we going? - he giggled and slowly came out of his blouse
- That's what you want isn't it? - she was questioning him while he was massaging her breasts
'Yes' said the man
- And this? - Irene was asking questions after she took off her skirt and started massaging her vulva
Robert just nodded
- Then get your dick out and beat it
Robert obeyed without a word eagerly He came out of his jeans and got rid of his underwear His penis went up and stood stiff
"Now get excited" said Irene
- You like to see a man do it?
- I don't know but I want to see you Do you know how many times I've imagined you standing in front of me naked and jerking off? "Irene breathed and kneeled in front of him his warm breath only increased Robert's excitement"
"You have a very nice cock" said Irene " do it please"
Robert started doing the usual moves while watching Irene watch her daughter's co - worker with a smile on her face staring at her dick The familiar long strokes slowly became faster and shorter; he tried to coordinate his movements and did not want to go off at once No doubt about it the situation and this beautiful woman still kneeling in her bra and panties gave her quite a thrill
- You like the way I beat my dick? - he asked You were surprised by his vulgarity and vulgarity but those nasty words upset him even more And it looks like it's not just him
"I like it" said Irene softly " I like the way you excite yourself with your strong hands the veins sticking out of your hands" Do it again


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