School Girl Cums Over & Over

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It was the first Sunday in December and it was snowing all day
When I was 16 I didn't expect Christmas because I had everything a student like me could want We lived in a nice apartment in Óbuda my parents worked well I felt safe
Unfortunately on this beautiful day my parents couldn't be home because of a work conference so I sat alone in the living room because on television there was nothing to please me and I sank into my thoughts listening to music
I was meditating an hour ago when my phone rang I didn't see who was calling I just answered My friend called He told me you were home from the race and if I wanted to I could meet you
I took the opportunity to invite him over I was getting ready in a very excited state I quickly whipped up a muffin washed it put water on the tea and took a quick shower
We've been together for two months and it's been a really good relationship We hooked up at swim practice sort of by accident but that doesn't really matter right now
We were alike in an incredible number of ways: clothing physiology and thinking
We haven't seen each other in five days so I was really looking forward to the moment when I could hold her I didn't have to sit around much
The lock went off and there was the first love of my life He greeted me with his usual charming grin on his face Then time stopped for me I can embrace Balázs again and have a wonderful evening with him I invited him in a little numb and before he took off his snowy clothes I jumped into his arms I could hardly hide my joy for I was like a two-year-old child who had received a pack of chocolates
He took off his already wet coat and we rushed to the living room There he dropped his bag and proudly presented his experiences in the contest and presented his medals We were both very happy and in this state we ate the sweets prepared in seconds After eating we watched a movie that we made out with When it was over he began to coquetfully refer to his hardened penis which I felt clear in my back I moved myself on purposethe night wasn't over yet
I went to the room asked him to follow me In the parquet floor I threw my shirt off and unzipped my pants We arrived naked in my spacious room I threw myself on the bed and we started to kiss wildly He almost took me up to the top by moving his hips in circles but I didn't want that so we switched
I turned him on his back and started sucking on his not-so-small masculinity He was so excited I knew from the size of his testicles that he hadn't masturbated since we met Her body was writhing with pleasure which I was very happy about When I started to get rougher and faster I felt like he was going away I closed my eyes and there was an enormous amount of sperm in my mouth The deliciously sweet taste excites me I felt like I was in heaven For a little while I pampered his tail and then he got up and turned his back on me With his muscular arms he drew me to him He thanked me in a kind chatty voice - he always did and he was very decent which I loved about him
I began to pamper the buttocks which revived the Great Cock that had just come back to life When I got back to my usual size I put my dick in his ass It was as hot as a stove on the inside I started fucking her in slow motion which made her groan I knew he liked it because he pushed his butt on my genitals even more which made me moan We tried so many positions that night
We were in action an hour ago when I couldn't take it anymore We were in a dog position and I just went off like all of a sudden I haven't been satisfied in a whileI've enjoyed it I gave out four doses of my fill while my body trembled I held it tight because I felt like I was about to go That's the third time we had sex but it's never been this good


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