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Victoria and David were celebrating the wife's birthday together at a nice restaurant They were at the end of the dinner dessert talking quietly
- Do you know how important you are to me? In spite of all our youthful indiscretions you are the most important part of my life ahead of our children You gave me what was most important to me happiness It was you and it was my sex goddess who satisfied my every desire and I hope will satisfy it - David told his wife
 You've given me everything love happiness my secret desires You were my husband my lover my friend and you will most certainly stay in our lives We were together for better or for worse It was never possible for us to be separated by sexual desire for others or by what we thought to be smaller love We've always found our way back together "said Victoria reaching out to her husband
David took his hand to him held it in his Palm bent over and breathed a gentle kiss on both hands of his wife "That's right" he thought They remembered their adventures when they cheated on each other sometimes in front of each other the groupings when they fucked with other people the affections that seemed like love when they were separated from each other enjoying the fullness of their sexuality with the new relationship In their thoughts but in each other's eyes they thought about their lives
At the end of the dinner they returned home where the children had already gone to sleep The housekeeper had already taken care of them though they were almost grown-ups but they had to be looked after David took out two glasses and went to the fridge He took out a bottle of wine that was cooled to a nice temperature The bottle dries right up He pulled the plug and poured it into the glasses One of them was pointed at Victoria
- Cheers darling - he told me
- Thank you sweetheart cheers
They sat beside each other in their thoughts They had a drink and then a sip of the glass They drank in silence their thoughts chased each other and the past came back to their minds Their bodies were bent to one another Their glasses were almost empty
- Come on honey let's take a shower and go to bed It's kind of late - he spoke to her
They got up and headed for the bathroom As Victoria moved erotically she began to unbutton the buttons of the dress and slowly slipped the mini dress to the floor Underneath it was just a sexy bra that barely covered tight breasts and a very erotic sexy little thong that barely covered an ass Transparent which did not hide the outlines of her newly shaved pussy whose lips were already open with desire Her body shuddered her nipples pointed and then pierced the fabric of her thin bra He felt that her vagina was covered by the vapor of desire that she wanted her partner so much David watched his wife's desirable body with pleasure which became more and more desolate She watched her hard-rolled butt that gave her so much pleasure in all the years of lovemaking and sometimes wild fucks we've had together Victoria's painful screams fluttered back in her ears while her dick ruthlessly penetrated her tight and still difficult to dilate asshole He went after his wife as she got rid of her clothes In the meantime Victoria stripped her body of a sheet and bent gracefully looked at the temperature of the water flowing into the tub He found it pleasant and with one leg up he stepped into the tub and sat in it David gazed with delight at his wife's body which thanks to medicine was almost girlish On her breasts which had been operated less than five years ago the bulging nipples were protruding from the surface of the water staring hard at the ceiling The woman's mouth smiled and saw the awakening desire on her husband's face
- Come on honey - he invited his companion to warm water
He saw his rising masculinity which gave him so many pleasant love nights his horny body his pussy his mind David entered the tub next to his wife's body He got behind her and he held her close to him Her masculinity strained her buttocks gliding through her cut She was leaning forward and she hit the clitoris of the Prancing penis gently agitating her genitals The clitoris was wet not only from the water but also from the wetness of desire
 Do I take you in the tub or do I take you in our bed after a bath and we can come back to the bath? - he heard her partner's voice
- I can sit in here if you want Where do you want to go? My pussy or my ass? "she asked her husband whose desire was indicated by the shaking of his stone-hard penis
- I'm just asking you for a quickie You know we're leaving tomorrow morning with our big boy for the World Cup in Brazil
- I know and I feel like I'm already turned on by the hard-danced ass of Brazilian fairies Your dick is cutting my body in half


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