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We ended our second year in college Everyone was happy free We talked about getting together after the last exam with one of our classmates who was lucky enough to get a three-bedroom family house on the outskirts of town from her parents Peter was cool tall slender curly hair and he wore all the cool stuff with apparent coolness and most of the girls liked him Because of his calm never-speaking nature many secrets had landed on him and remained locked away forever
Our group consisted of 17 people but we also invited our team leader our 50-year-old yet very young-looking Bokányi teacher There was a guy who was studying for a language exam and a girl who went home to her parents early With me there were three of us with an overwhelming majority of Female Males One of the 13 drinking women had already had a husband somewhere far away two of them were brides and we guys were still in our happy lives as UN-ringed freelancers
Almost everyone brought a drink The women expected us guys to drink the majority of the booze and they'd just be quiet decent fans but we learned from our previous drunks we held back dictated drinks to the girls The initial protests became lessened after a few glasses of alcohol and some of them became more and more glistening while others became more and more dull in the inter-alcohol conversation There was music where it was hotter where it was snuggier and the girls didn't automatically move their hands when we got to their butts They were dancing with each other because of the bad sex ratio and we were trying to hang out with everyone with a baby maker
When one of the brides Kata came to my place a little drunk while dancing whispered tired going to the other room to rest Kata was known to everyone as she claimed to be a virgin It was nice to talk to him despite his sex or perhaps that's why he always told you about our women's Affairs and sometimes he told you who he kissed
He disappeared with a soft lazy walk in the next room which was designated for early sleepers but where no one else had ever been After a while I went after him He was lying on the bed on his back with his eyes closed but he didn't seem to be asleep yet Her skirt slid up and her half-thighs were shaped
- Little Kata are you asleep? - I asked quietly very silly He didn't answer
I leaned over and gave her a nice kiss He continued to show no signs of waking up but the multiplicity of his breathing revealed that he was very much awake I leaned upon him again and instead of kissing him I drew attention to myself with a longer kiss One of his arms lifted up he put his arm around my head pulled me to him We exchanged incredibly delicious kisses and I lay next to him and then I began to gently peel off his clothes I didn't think for a second what would happen if someone came in Our classmates had a delicate understanding of these situations and it was unlikely that we would be disturbed I unbuttoned her blouse unbuttoned her bra -- Whoa dear friend classmate at this rate I'll soon be able to enjoy myself in you "I thought and began to kiss her to lick her breast which had already been steeply steeped in her breast" She shuddered closed her eyes and her whole body showed you to do with me what you wanted I thought I understood body language freed him from all the excess clothing at the bottom and then moving down I covered his belly groin thigh with kisses and gentle bites He was lifting his lower body with gentle movements when I licked him in his pussy he spread his legs wide open by himself and he pulled his knees up on both sides I did not need an interpreter to understand it and if I did not understand it then his hands on my back would have been clearly chatty and this hand turned from caressing to a draw and drew me towards him more and more passionately
I didn't want to delay the preparation any longer It is true it was very pleasant to think about how much neutral conversation how much friendly conversation I will have this woman after and how we will continue our relationship once I'm in it I took care of her breasts again first I put one finger and then two finger in her vagina but only up to the tension membrane I felt With my thumb I irritated his clitoris He was breathing gasping for air
"I am still a virgin" he breathed "I can feel it but you won't be for long" I replied He was so wet he wanted me to rid him of his daughter I went in gently and stopped when he began to make a little face
- Does it hurt ? - No but he's pushing it - You want me to move on? - Yeah come on
I pulled myself back a little bit and then with a powerful pressure I tore through the elasticated membrane and pushed myself to the root of his aching vagina He did not suffer much soon he took over the pace of my movement returned it and I felt the internal vaginal moisture struggling with muscle tightening()


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