He can’t handle the tight pussy – Cums inside twice

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As it turns out he and his partner had already split up but he didn't cancel their registration because of the photos We talked about the next time and he told us a big surprise I couldn't help myself for the next few days and I ended up scratching the wall but the next time came
He practically opened the door when I rang the bell
- Come on Honey I'm just babbling thinking about you
We ran to his room he pulled my clothes off me and he just lay on his back spread his legs I saw that the anal expander was already inside because it almost slipped several times the entrance was so loose I took the time to sharpen our desires and then she angrily told me to start licking her pussy right away I sensed right away that she hadn't washed it before sex so I felt like she had just peed I ate Mon
- Oh god I've been craving your tongue Bite my clitoris AHH
I bit I smoked I couldn't cope with my rising desires We switched places and after he licked my ass deep he got on my dick and he eagerly took it down his throat again until he vomited I loved that voice and I squeezed his head even more
He just stopped He slowly let my tail out of his mouth and looked at me
- Ready for the surprise?
 Jesus I don't know but I can't wait
- Baby You can come in
I was shockedwe weren't alone The door that had been opened so far was completely unlocked and a girl entered wearing a bikini the size of invisible I looked at Judith with a big question mark
- I'd like you to meet my daughter Anna Don't worry she's not a little girl anymoreshe'll be 15 in a few months she just looks younger because of her size
That was useful information because she was not more than five feet tall and she was very thin her chest was almost flat and her ribs were beautifully visible I wouldn't have been surprised if they said she weighed 40 kg He's just my type
- Hey guys Oh Mom I was hoping you'd invite me in now Ever since the other night I couldn't help myself
- So you watched us last time? - I asked a few more questions in shock
 Yeah and I've masturbated to it almost every day since
'Enough of the chitchat' said Judit - get behind me and do it
I was staring at what was happening while Judit was still sucking on She knelt behind her mother It was an incredible sight to see behind that big woman's ass this tiny fairy He took out the dilator and he literally spat in Judit's dilated asshole and then his tiny hand pushed all five fingers in I couldn't believe my eyes and it was really hard to keep it from going off
- Ah that's it Anna get your little hand up my ass like we talked about Shit I'm amazed I can't suck
I looked at him and I knew without saying anything that I had permission I climbed behind Anna and watched what she was doing I saw him masturbating with his other hand and I saw the results on the sheet He's had his many sprays But even more to my surprise I found a dilator in his tiny ass My head is foggy I pulled him out in one move and he turned around


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