DaneJones GFs little sister creampie

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My buddy and I were playing ball on the basketball court at the end of our street and two beautiful girls came up to us and they just moved down the street They asked us to play a game with them Of course we said yes why not We started the game and it was really hard for us to deal with and surprise they won in the end And then they told us if we wouldn't go up there because their parents weren't home and we'd get some consolation for losing We agreed to go to your house We both have our eye on one of them When we got to the house they led us straight to their room
They put in a slow song and they sat next to us on the bed and they said " How about a little sex for losing?" Well we didn't have to say it twice so we agreed They went to the bathroom upstairs In the meantime we'd be in their room out of our skins and we'd start stripping We just left them our underwear And then they came back to the room with very exciting black underwear on their velvety bodies We touched the chosen girls and they seemed to be happy with the results of the election()


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