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There's a young hot girl at work or a charming young man she'd like to fuck and that's no different at my place of work I've been working for two months at a more prestigious firm an office I didn't want to stick with Gábor so I took the liberty of putting my photographic resume in a few places In the attached photo I look like an eighth-grade schoolgirl White shirt no makeup hair together slight smile At first glance I'd look innocent A wolf in sheep's clothing
I remember from day one she was already sexually over-heated As I've mentioned a few times before I don't like push-up bras especially in this summer heat And unfortunately for many of my women I don't need it either in size or form But being an office my work is air-conditioned As I entered the room I could feel the cold air on my nipples dancing around the tip and the yard I looked down I had to put my hand in my arm because it was very prominent and my pale pink clenched blouse made it even more pronounced My sun-drenched brown hair fell on my shoulders in loose curls but unfortunately it was not long enough to conceal the cause of my discomfort
They'll sit you down you have to wait
I push the thin black-framed glasses up my nose with my fingertips I'll take a look around
There are many well-dressed pretty women sitting close to each other sitting next to each other at tables with only one man in the room He's talking As soon as he sees me he'll delay the conversation and he'll come at me
She's so hot He's dark grey he's wearing pants that don't fit a pale blue shirt and a jacket that matches the pants Her hair is dark browncombed back English His eyes are scanning blue Clean cut stubble regular white teeth It's a smile I'd feel the strength of around my neck
- How do you do?  I assume you're our new associate Elina is it?
- Hi - hi - I'm smiling but my hand moves fearfully towards his hand My nipples are still pruning peeking It's like she wants to see the man for herself Our hands touch and his gaze hits my chest There are almost tiny sparks flying around your pupils He wants to catch his eye but it's like it's a strain on him - Yes Elina Wagon  she finally looks up and smiles at me again The seconds look like hours
He looks me in the eye and I'm immersed in it Mesmerizing He's innocent Sexy Like a brown-haired live Ken doll that you can do whatever you want with My thoughts seem to be lost I can almost picture her naked No I can't it's my first day
- András Füredi - he introduced himself - We spoke on the phone yesterday Well let's get startedI'd like to show you around if you don't mind - your voice is humming deep tactful contradictory with your eyes Something tells me I have to be careful
As we walk from room to room trying to memorize more and more strangers ' names I find myself studying the appearance of Andrew The groomed hands broad shoulders the throbbing vessels on his neck His heart's beating fast There's a slight sweat on his forehead and I can almost smell the pheromone Maybe he's nervous I'm turned on My nipples may not even be cold anymore and I find myself not even trying to cover them with my hands My arms are intertwined under my breasts emphasizing them even more The look of Andrew glances at my breasts when he thinks I'm not listening
After a long tour and demonstration monologues she finally thanked me for being able to start right away wished me luck and asked for a phone number exchange Of course no problem When I said goodbye I tried to leave the room as sexy as I could Before I closed the door I looked back one last time and Andrew caught his eye from my behind I was wearing a tight pale blue carrot-tipped long arm with a short little white high heels above which the golden anklet which was given to me by Gabor shone flirtatiously The door closed and I went home with a slight complacency I was looking forward to my first day at work
The next day I woke up I was lying naked in bed alone Gábor has already worked I was stretching and I felt my breasts tense As I sat up I felt something strange inside me I took it and I had a string hanging between my legs I couldn't understand the situationI had this tiny egg-shaped vibrating miracle inside of me which of course didn't vibrate anymore The night before Gábor was quite tired as a matter of fact so was I This afternoon I went to my parents ' house to help out in the garden he's a compulsive gardener I fell into bed exhausted from the long warm and raking So it was one of those rare nights we didn't have sex
I looked down by the bed my lace old nightgown held together by a miracle and it lay on the ground What the hell? I got up and walked out into the living room()


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