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9 the country girl
This school year is over Actually I couldn't decide if I regretted it I like going to high school and graduation is so close that I've already had a good time I've decided to spend the summer preparing as much free time as my father will allow me Of course I was happy to help him because I was doing a little exercise and physical work myself But sometimes I felt his requests were unnecessary "Why do you need me to do this?”
- Come on Sanyi we'll miss the train
- That train is late enough without us Father  we both knew we'd be waiting there for the train for at least half an hour
- Keep your mouth shut get your wagon out on the street
Before the train station my father left me on the wagon and went into the tracks alone I was so bored " why didn't I at least bring a book?"The day before I bought one of those one-penned novels some great new crime At least there were some good stories in the paper about it The book of an English writer it's called Master Poirot's feat "I'm very curious”
While I was waiting I was admiring the buildings "hm someday I'm going to design one of these That's for sure"The railway station building was very impressive I couldn't imagine anyone not looking at it "I think it's one of the most beautiful things in this town" and I'm stuck here because following my father a girl came out the front door and erased all my previous thoughts with her presence What I thought was "most beautiful" in this town changed overnight The girl looked at the square with horror her dress was simple but whatever her beautiful figure and Radiance had left me breathless I could see the sunlight fading away from her presence I've never seen such a beautiful girl I put a smile on my face when he looked at me Unfortunately at that moment a window in a neighboring house was closed so I had to squint for a moment with the reflected sunlight When I could look at her again she stood beside the cart with her red face down She seemed upset about something but she was still so beautiful
I hardly heard my father's voice I was so preoccupied with the beauty of this girl
- will you help the young lady up on the wagon? What are you waiting for you?
I was trying to get my act together looking for the right way to say hello…
- Hello Miss - I pushed the frozen smile on my face I could hardly move my legs reacted in an unconventional way almost fell off the wagon train There was something else I said to my father in my confusion and it was like I was doing it on purpose and at the end of my clumsy move I bowed to the girl "How can I help him? Where can I touch it?”
- Ma'am May I have your hand? - "Oh my god what a stupid speech"I was terribly embarrassed to hear my own words "How could I ask that?"I had no idea how to fix my nerves I acted like a fool
He didn't even care about me He hugely pulled himself out and grabbed the side of the cart and seemed to show that he could climb up the high side of the cart without help He put his foot on the spokes of the wheel " Oh he's going to fall he's going to fall what do I do now???"Unfortunately I didn't have time to think" I had to act "I touched her ass with my hands" and I held her back a little bit so she wouldn't fall down on me
- Hey you "he cried and instead of dealing with the clinging he struck me with his hand
The next thing I knew if I hadn't kept my hands on his insignificant weight he would have fallen on the paved road to the station After swinging through the side wall of the wagon he sat on the bench with a very angry deep red face and I could hardly take my eyes off him I remembered how much I didn't want to go with my father here and how glad I am to be here now laughing with joy as I took my place again on the box
All the way back and forth looking around with his mouth open reminded me of a little girl who was first in the candy store But in the meantime how little she was "her lips her duck neck and her graceful fingers on her hands" all she was attractive to me I don't think I would have found anything wrong with it "Such a feeling should not exist”
10 Chapter 4: changing conditions
(a few weeks later)
Do girls have such a hard life if they don't take care of themselves properly or don't they have someone to take care of them? Last night I had the thing I was most afraid of I couldn't protect my virginity my own weakness and the pleasures offered by my visitor My vision of the future has been clouded by the ignorance of the events()


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