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When I was in school my mother used to nag me "learn son' cause you ain't gonna be nothing"What can I say you were right To put it nicely I'm a gardener which means I mow lawns where I'm invited I don't mean to complain but it's a very boring job I just push the machine around can't even talk or listen to music because of all the noise And the customers are always very difficult nothing is good for them I can only go to one of them when he's home so he can check up on me They usually look at me through the window and I can't rest a minute The only way to get to the other one is if no one's home so as not to disturb them with the buzzing And they're gonna pick on him because they don't think I did it right
The other day I got invited to a new place and I hate that even more because I don't know what kind of expectations they're gonna have Plus I had to go a long way to the end of town to a new suburb where there's barely any houses lots of empty land But work is money I can't be choosy I was there at the appointed time and the guy let me into the garden and then he told me he had to go so I could just go back to work I've seen it It was a huge garden almost all grazed I'm not getting out of here soon I thought At the time I had no idea how much time I was going to spend here I'm done with the part in front of the house I'm back I did a little sightseeing here before I went onno one's pushing me Interestingly the living room was facing this way because there were huge almost ground-length windows one open and the wind occasionally fluttered the curtains As I looked over there it was like someone was moving inside It must have been my imagination some kind of shadow I thought and I didn't care I started the lawnmower and I almost forgot all about it when I saw movement from the corner of my eye again I took off my goggles and I clearly saw a female figure At that point I felt that today was a good day to come and today I'm finally not going to think that I should have gone back to school She was almost naked She was wearing a white robe almost translucent and it opened a little as she walked around in it If only he'd been walking around But he was caressing himself I didn't even care about mowing the lawnI tried to get as close as I could to see everything but he couldn't see me
The view was amazing and I could feel myself tingly down there and my pants were getting tight The woman first stroked her breasts through the robe and then reached under it As she moved the dress became more and more open and her two round quite large breasts became visible The pink nipples were staring at him as he pecked them excited them My mouth is completely dry from the sight Meanwhile he turned all the way to the window like he just wanted someone to look at him Then his hand began to move down and it became clear that there was nothing under the robe I could see his slender waist his round hips his naked pussy I'm not saying he was a model but he was very desirable Especially the way he was meant to be He was licking his fingers and stirring his clitoris and with his other hand he was still stroking his breasts He picked something up from the table once lifted it up like he wanted to show it was a purple bar with spheres of different sizes It was soon discovered that it was a sex toy because he licked it and then slowly from ball to ball he shoved it in In the meantime I managed to get so close to the window that I could hear his voice He sighed softly and as the toy went deeper and deeper he groaned with pleasure his eyes half closed While he was moving it he wouldn't stop caressing I couldn't take it anymore so I pulled down my pants and took matters into my own hands I must have been rattling around with that Bush I was hiding behind because he noticed me and he saw me I was prepared to scream even to the police but a surprising thing happened He smiled and waved with his hand I got encouraged I got closer and at another wave I came in through the window
- Would you like to watch? - he asked He didn't want an answer so he kept playing and I was almost staring at my mouth I almost forgot my tool was staring me in the face()


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