Bratty Sis – Bestie Wants Brother’s Cock And His StepSis Joins! S6:E2

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Dear Diary Of 10 July)
I met Laci in the elevator again today I could barely look at him again because I'm always so embarrassed when he gets near me by accident All I could see was his hand pushing the button opening the door He's got nice hands long delicate fingers bulging veins translucent almost invisible hairs on him He's really hot I also told Kati that the other day when we were talking about boys in class Of course Kati laughed at me said I'd never get a husband but not even a serious friend because I'm too shy That's not true I almost had a conversation with Laci outside the house once when it was snow in the winter and I almost fell out We both laughed but it didn't work out But today He asked me what floor I was going to and we said "sixth floor"at the same time We were laughing again and then I felt like I was blushing and I started looking at the nose of my shoes because he was just looking at me
The elevator was almost up and I had this weird feeling that I could just for once overcome my shyness and look back on it Straight into his eyes to see if he'd notice how long and how much he liked it I've done it My whole insides were shaking my legs were made of butter and I wrapped the strap of my purse around my hand and I put a cramp on it but I didn't care I looked into his eyes There was a moment of silence none of us knew what was coming and then suddenly the elevator stopped and I was supposed to get out I was already outside when Laci touched my shoulder and asked me if I wanted to meet her the next afternoon I had a hard time saying yes but I did I can't believe what happened that he invited me and that he invited me Kati's gonna pop
15 July
He kissed me today We were sitting on a bench in the park talking about what a hateful Gossip Girl chair Olga is and how she always wears low-cut clothes to school and all the boys and teachers are staring at her And then of course he always gets an " A " in physics at Smith's Of course he's a fresh-out-of-college guy barely older than Laci doesn't have a wife yet of course he pays attention to Olga But it's still rubbish So he just kept leaning closer and closer until I couldn't talk anymore because he was all over my mouth He put his tongue through slowly sensuously as if he was afraid I'd bite him but I didn't think of it I was more scared and confused His kiss tasted like nectar but I don't know how long it lasted but not for hours because when we finished the sun was still standing in the same place as when we started
July 17
Mom and Dad still don't know anything and I think it would be a hassle because Laci is 10 years older than me Well you better not know because we're doing things that I think would get me grounded for a thousand years I'll tell you we met this afternoon it was a very hot day so I was wearing a shirt and a short pair of jeans Katie and I were talking the other day about how all guys get turned on by girls not buying bras so I thought I'd give it a try We'd walk all afternoon talk about all kinds of things eat ice cream and then when it started getting dark we'd sneak up on top of the school He told me the other day how great it was when he was a kid he and his classmates used to watch the stars from there at night And I was thinking that we could finally have a quiet conversation there no peeking at the neighbors no need to worry about getting caught because no one's coming
It was dark and warm and we looked at the stars and he kissed me almost instantly We're kissing more and more and the day before yesterday he barely touched my mouth and now he's doing it Whoa But that's not the point because that was after We talked about all kinds of things and sometimes I was getting cold when a colder air train was whistling over the roof Then all of a sudden she touched my tits I got scared because I didn't see it coming and I pulled away a little bit and he pulled his hand away too Then he started kissing me again and he touched me again and I pulled over again It was impudent of him to do what he did for he reached over and over again and after a while it didn't bother me so much in fact Actually it didn't hurt it didn't tickle or it felt good holding my breasts in his soft warm hands so I let him do it
Of course he wanted more and more over time it was not enough for him to caress me through my shirt but to reach under it crumble the nipples a little (though they were already hard enough from the cold) and then he pulled the top off me with a clever move I don't know how he could do it because he didn't lift it over my hand or my head And then he kissed me and the hair on my back shook and he kissed me on the neck and he bit my shoulders gently and then he went down()


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