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István liked retro things pictures spent a lot of time on the internet on a regular basis to see if he could find an old picture that he liked or link archive photos to hobbyist interfaces if he could find one
On the zenith of his panic disorder he even visited the city library's research room until he finished processing 40 years of newspapers on a particular subject
A group has recently been established on the social networking site where the retro-loving residents of your home are gathering
Old photos are posted Who recognizes who is in the picture sometimes whole posts are created under a picture or a set of pictures
For many years István has put up an archive photo bouquet of a decades-long flood He thought it might be worth a few likes to people He sent it he showed up A lot of people were happy with the pictures memories were piling up
A woman wrote that in one of the pictures she was uncertain but she thought she recognized her husband and child and she thanked him very much for the pictures In a fit of rage he recognized Istvan
Pisti looked at the fact that an older woman only thought it was a good idea to name her friend because she had made available images so old that she thought she recognized her family members
He looked at her photograph her age and wondered how the portrait had affected her
To him the woman's aging face seemed to belong to a young girl with a pretty face that was edited with an ageing app He could not forget that face and his sinful thoughts began to awaken
How are you supposed to put that on the old woman to make things go right?
She thought long and decided not to confirm it but she wrote on it thanked me for the nomination and asked if Kati had any old pictures for digitisation because she would be happy to photograph them in a relatively good quality if needed
There was a demand There was a time when István could visit Kati and take pictures of the selected photos
He said he could probably do it at the scene if the lighting conditions were right
The day has come Pista rang He could greet a woman who looked fifty-two years old and Kati was 65
It was in the man's mind that this woman was one of the few who thanks to the good genes and the good life and the healthy lifestyle would remain beautiful for a long time
Kati led Istvan into the kitchen where on the dining table there were several old pictures of Kati's family already taken
She was embarrassed she was alone since dad died and the only man in the apartment was the chimney sweep for the last seven years Stephen asked if he could start the photo shoot She said yes and then asked if she could watch the process The sight of István's thirty-two-year-old body took effect on Kati and she did not understand what had happened
He lived in religion abstinence Her marriage to pop was limited to procreation If the old man wanted something he mostly let it go like a cat with a little too much caress He spent most of his life barely enjoying the pleasures of the flesh He doesn't even masturbate when he's young He even considered it a sinful thing to touch himself in a manner and place of grooming that he had a pleasant feeling and should have just continued
Now she's devastated by the mere presence of a man half her age in the apartment Pista used meticulous care to rotate the images under the lens of the set machine on the stand He was sweating a little Sometimes he'd sneak up on Kati He thought the people who used to be with this woman were happy how many times what
Meanwhile they started talking Family interests stereotypes Kati was appalled by her own reaction to the man In his adolescence he was not under the influence of any man He got hot too All over the place In her confusion she felt her neck and waist several times She started to blush screaming " You old woman" You're acting like a horny mare aren't you ashamed? Finally he decided that his whole life had gone without finding anything particularly enjoyable about sex no one had the effect that he now has
The photographer asked him to open a window He stood up pretending to be heavy touching his waist He felt like everything was heavy He apologized said he was going to the bathroom He did Sitting on the seat he wondered how wet it was down there But how? At this age she's like a little girl After she was done she washed herself in the bathroom
She looked at herself in the mirror looking at her dilated nostrils Yeah like a mud mare He looked at you and was pleased You could have denied it for ten years You didn't understand why you chose a photographer younger than your son Maybe it was some subconscious decision that his body didn't get the positive stimuli he should have had when he was young In the days before the photographer arrived he was particularly attentive to body care()


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