Bratty Sis – StepSiblings Fight Over Who Can Make Her Cum! S7:E7

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Dani and Ildi have been friends since first grade Dani's my age and Ildi's sister is two years younger than me and she's super hot by the way By the time she was 15 she was 5 '10" athletic slim nicely developed with blonde hair on her back and blue eyes I've always wanted to but I never dared to mess with her because I was afraid of Dani who was always protecting her sister
I was also friends with their mother Judith who at 42 was still a wonderfully attractive and youthful woman Red brown hair up to his shoulder with nice green eyes and full lips He was about 5 ' 10 "and about 5 '10" although he was remarkably thin and muscular Her waist is thin her breasts are stout and round her butt is shaped her thighs are long
Last summer they invited me and my sister Bea who by the way is only 14 years old and she is no less beautiful than any of my other lady friends: her developed figure her scratches and her beautiful black hair make you crazy even though she's still at odds with the boys and doesn't care about sex
After discussing it we accepted the offer and drove to a small island in Croatia where we stayed at Judith's single brother with a large house He's 45 years old and his name is Thomas and he has a son and a daughter They're called Slim and Bernadette and by the way they're 14 and 16 Berni's a little full but she's pretty with long brown hair and brown eyes and by the way gigantic breasts Charlie's pretty good-looking tooI noticed Bea was looking for him
The house was really huge: two floors a basement and an attic and also a huge garden with its own little beach and a private pool Me and Dani stayed in one guest room while my sister Judith and Ildi stayed in the other
After we unpacked I took the time to talk to Ildi while my sister Bea went for a walk in the garden with Karchy Berni and Dani went to the girl's room on the second floor while Judith and Thomas went to the study
"This is such a lovely place" said Ildi as we lay on a couch  I can't wait to go swimming in the sea I bought some new bikinis and I hope you like them
 You know if you want you can try on the bikinis "and I will appreciate them" I suggested for I was finally alone with him
- That's a great idea Well come on let's lock ourselves in the bathroom
Ildi took all the clothes and then we went into one of the bathrooms downstairs I sat in a chair while she covered herself with the shower door and changed and then she stepped out First he put on a bikini with blue and green and white spots on it with a small belt on his underwear which was held together by a hoop under his navel I nodded enthusiastically and he smiled and gave me a kiss
In the second he wore a similar darkliac with no belt and ties to the side in which if possible he was even hotter than before I said yes to that and then the third a black one-piece dress which though covering more than revealed was magically sexy I don't have to tell you that your presentation didn't leave my dick indifferent and it started to live in my pants
She quickly started to change back but then she just stopped and stepped in front of me She was only wearing white panties and a black T-shirt that the real goddess liked
 I saw how you looked at my boobs and my pussy when I was in a bikini and I knew what you meant Come - he made me mad and then he leaned on me and kissed me After that brief but strong kiss he put me back on the chair and he shoved his breasts in my face but just through a dress It was enough for me and when he felt my dong through my pants I was in heaven for real
I left in less than a minute filling my pants
- Why didn't we flush it?  I asked him with a heavy wheeze while Ildi got off my back
- I know I've never really been with a guy and I didn't know how But you must be more experienced than I am so you'll be in charge next time Now let's hurry back because he might have noticed we were gone
Nobody noticed My sister and Charlie were laughing their asses off in the garden while Berni and Dani were still in the room Judit and Thomas were about to appear a little confused and while I had some ideas about what they might have been doing the thought of them having Brother sex seemed kind of bizarre
I was still talking to Ildi about all sorts of things and it was getting dark He went to his room to read with Bea Charlie went to his own room and Dani and her parents were talking in the living room I decided to take a walk in the garden While I was walking around in his once-in-a-lifetime cool-down I noticed that someone was standing on one of the balconies To my surprise I recognized Slim who was naked and standing up somewhere beneath his belly leaving no doubt about his activities()


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