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Here I am again writing down another experience I had with my dear Niki (of course it was a long time ago summer of 2002) For me this story is just as good a memory as it is bad because things didn't go smoothlyIt was summer and my 20th birthday Niki and I were celebrating at the same time and everything was fine this morning The party's started and the mood is on the rise Booze music stuff like that loud conversations fun Niki just grabbed me by the arm and took me to my room He sat me down and told me to break up I love my birthday But there's a history to this We've been in an open relationship for like six months because it didn't go so well Now is the time to complete this We fought a lot because I had a girl Krista with my friends before Niki We didn't have sex but the concept of petting was almost fully satisfied If Krista had just met her boyfriend but she wasn't in the mood we'd meet we'd kiss we'd tease each other and she'd go to her boyfriend with her panties wet It was fine none of us wanted any more It's stupid I know but it just happenedKrista liked Niki - she is highly bisexual That's why the fight was because he was jealous and hurt his ego that he (Niki) couldn't have it It was until my birthday Niki then called Christ into the bathroom to clear it up to apologize to him for drilling where he could and to clear the air They locked themselves in and they didn't even open the door for me Even though we broke up I still loved Niki and I was dying of jealousy I love two girly themes and I think those two are beautiful two (who need a picture I can give them ^_^) but I was insanely jealous About ten minutes later the door opened and they came out with a big smile in peace I knew it I could tell they weren't just talkingKrista stayed in the bathroom and I went in after her I closed the door and confronted him
- She told me you broke up
- What were you doing here? - I asked angrily - He just smiled I knew it But I didn't want to be sad on my birthday so I tried a trick
 The only thing that bothers me is that I couldn't see that
"I would love to show you" he said with a smile
- But Niki didn't He's jealous
- Hold on - He went out and came back a minute later with the coy smiling Niki
- He wants us to show him
"Good" he whispered - At first they were caressing their hands and then Krista emboldened stroked Niki's face and she leaned closer and closer Then they reached out and started kissing Needless to say it was beautiful Soft soft (yes even on appearance) I've kissed both of them before and I could see those two kisses together They hugged and drowned in each other's sweet kisses I just sat on the edge of the tub and almost cried in my beauty They stopped and Niki went out
- Did you like it? - I've got the selfish man in me I got up and grabbed Christ on the waist
- I was so I kissed her - It was delicious as I could see and remember When we stopped I looked down and continued to be selfish
- Too bad I missed it I'm sure he wouldn't want that - She smiled and said:
- Hold onIt's been a little while now but he's back with Niki He wasn't so happy now He didn't really like it but he agreed They started kissing again and I walked over there slowly I put my arms around them and they put their arms around me and then I got in It feels fantastic to have a three-way kiss I felt the two girls at the same time The piercing in my tongue messed with Krista's Niki's tongue caressed mine and she glided around Krista's And then I thought I could move it along I got separated from them and stood behind Niki I kissed her neck from behind and caressed her flat tight belly Meanwhile he stood in front of Krista and they kissed I couldn't help myself I started pulling Niki's T-shirt off and Krista immediately caught on to her breast She took off her bra and immediately started to excite Niki's little titty nipples They enjoyed it and I was very excited to see it I wanted more I went behind Niki and got behind Krista I started caressing her and pointing her head at Niki to make out That's when my eyes met Nikki Her icy blue eyes glowed with jealous hatred I said "May I?"and I had no oneHe nodded and continued I undressed Christ and now Niki licked Krista's small but incredibly hard and beautiful breasts I caressed Krista's belly kissed her neck and while Niki licked her breasts I caressed her golden locks I slowly unbuttoned Krista's pants and pulled her down She was wearing thong panties and she drew a perfect picture of her round bottom They changed during that and she licked Niki's tits I was confused I couldn't help myself and I became something I wasn't I fell right into Krista's panties but she pulled it back I waited I watched them and then again I was overwhelmed by the fizzy smoke of erotica and with a tug I pulled Krista's panties off That's where I went wrong She broke away from Niki pulled her panties up and jumped away from me right into my ex-girlfriend's arms It was a beautiful yet painful sight Niki hugged the naked girl caressed her head kissed her and said " Relax it's okay" When I wanted to apologize he was like a tiger mother
- Leave him aloneThat's itthat's it I opened the door and ran out I cursed myself for doing this But I was stupid Not only did I miss the opportunity but I pissed them both off Later Krista came to me on the balcony and reassured me that she wanted to go on but I got scared angry and we started kissing I had a nail with Niki later We fought we yelled at all these selfish animals and I believed I was when I remembered I asked for permission and he gave it to me She was right about me and she came to her senses and then she told me she didn't want to leave me but she couldn't stay my girlfriend We stayed together another month and then one day she left me I've been missing him ever since and I haven't found anyone like him but I wrote this in the last one Krista and I met a few more times after that and there were some things but we didn't get to the actual sex the sex We had a good time but then he blew me off with a fake text I understood the word and I'm done with it Or is he with me? Let's do it together Yes She's hot but she's never been anything like Niki to me After that I would have had another chance to be with two girls but it didn't work out I didn't screw that up Since then nothing and it may never work out because I've only had negative experiences with it


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