Boyfriend Demolishes His Sexy Green Eyed Girlfriends Pussy

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I slept late and I turned around and looked at the clock It was 10: 15
"Damn it it's my birthday- I thought so
I rolled back on my back when Brenda my wife showed up at the door
I woke up as soon as I saw her
The door fell against a tree just a pair of tiny transparent panties Brenda is nearly six feet tall with long curly brown hair and a pair of beautiful 36-C breasts still taut with stiff nipples on top
- Happy birthday - he told me
Then he walked to the bed climbed up and sat next to me
 Today for your birthday I'll be your slave for the day "Anything you want just ask" she smiled at me
- Anything? - I did
"Anything" he replied nodding
- Well let's see "A cup of coffee for starters" I said
She got out of bed and walked to the door and that's when I noticed the little panties were a thong I watched his sexy little ass walk out of the room
I jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom for a quick brush of my teeth and then went back to bed before he got back
He walked in with my coffee and sat next to me again
- Here's your coffee sir Is there anything else I can do to please you? - he asked politely as if he were a janitor or a receptionist
- Let's see - I hesitated for a moment as if I was thinking about something while all I could think about was my boner under the covers
I looked down as he put the sheets up as a tent and I just nodded at him
"Your wish is my command sir" he said pulling down the blanket
He wrapped his long fingers around my dick and started beating him slowly He beat her for a while and then he leaned forward and led her into his mouth I watched my Acorn disappear between his lips and then those lips close up around my pole
He was beating her and sucking her while I was lying there watching
I took a sip of my coffee like it's every day at home which of course wasn't true
He continued to jerk off slowly while his tongue was dancing on my acorn and my pole
"Oh don't forget my balls" I said
He didn't hesitate he lowered his head and started licking my balls One by one he sucked them into his mouth and moved them inside while he was sucking on them Then he came back to my dick and slowly sucked it in his mouth
- Oh shit "You are a wonderful little cock - sucking slave girl" I moaned as she took me deep into her mouth
He lifted his head back up and started sucking and swallowing my Acorn while he was beating my dick like a madman
- OH SHIT - I moaned as my jizz started out of my shrinking balls up my dick until it finally exploded in his mouth
He sucked it while I enjoyed it and then he sucked the end of my dick hard and I flinched from pampering
- OH SHIT - I shouted as he did it again
He swallowed my jizz and smiled at me
- What's next Master? - he asked
"Now I must take a shower" I replied
He got up from the bed and went to the bathroom I heard him take a shower Then he came back and held out his hand to get me out of bed
He followed you to the shower He opened his door and entered
He was standing right behind me in his thong He took the soap in his hand and started washing my back and my butt
And then he turned me towards you so the water would wash my back He laced the soap in his hands and put it on my chest again His slippery hands and fingers were playing with my nipples gently massaging them until they stood out My nipples have made my dick hard again
He reproached me and began to wash my steely tail As his slippery hands were crawling all over my dick he rose up in all his glory
He slipped his soapy hand on my balls and washed them and then slipped his hand further between my balls and my asshole He stopped there massaging a spot which also pampered my prostate which gave me a very enjoyable experience which made my dick Tingle
And then he slipped down my legs and soapered them and then he washed them And then he picked them up one by one and he sopped my feet and gave me a massage
Then he turned me over to wash the soap
As soon as I got clean he turned off the water and opened the door He quit and grabbed a towel
"Come out let me wipe you" he said
I stepped out and he rubbed the towel all over my body
And then you were wiped
- What's next Master? - he asked
"I think breakfast would be good" I replied
- Any special requests? - he asked
"Surprise me" I said
"But I want you to wear only an apron while you're making it" I added
"Yes Master" he replied slipping his wet thong and wiping his pussy


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