Bad Big Step Sister Babysits Little Brother – Jazmin Grey – Family Therapy

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Timothy walked off with his hands in his farmer's pocket to the police station Eleven O'clock in the morning was too early for him and he went to his destination with great Yaw He had grown accustomed to the nightlife to going to bed in the morning and now he was grumbling back to the alarm clock which had dragged him out of bed after only three hours of sleep At the corner millions of people waited for the light to turn green and he shunted through the crowded halls of the standing and entered the building of order discipline law and law He greeted his acquaintances with careless hand gestures half-dropped barely comprehensible words and quickly before they had covered him up too early he jumped into the elevator On the fourth he got out turned left passed down the hall and opened the only door with a glass window
In the small room there were old beat-up furniture last century armchairs probably from some smuggler coffee tables coffee-maker bubbling in the corner and a radio spread the Boogie into the air
- Oh Tim  Susan the secretary who may have been left here with the furniture like a time traveler He traded his retirement to help his son the chief of police - He looked at his watch - He's always late Timothy The captain will have his head
He was very proud of his son who fought his way up from the street patrol and felt entitled to Mother everyone Tim took it badly He's been on the field for ten years hard work has been hard work for him in his class As a narcotics cop he's met more dirt in a short decade than any other colleague in his entire life His vocation fulfilled his whole being everything else became subordinate even family though it was an unknown concept to him It could have been different His deep blue eyes his sharp face his square chin his sporty figure always gave him the uncharacteristic attention of the weaker but he never married Rather he enjoyed the benefits of freedom and the joy of independence
Tim scratched his short brown cauldron looking for a clever excuse for his delay
"Don't say anything Tim" said Susan - Jim's waiting for you
Tim felt too tired to smile so he nodded Then he reached for the door handle on the thick upholstered door and opened
'Sit down' said the commander pointing to the leather chair opposite his desk  It's been a long time lieutenant but if I remember correctly he wasn't shaved
Tim used his fingertips to rub me through his days of stubble
'It's bad for my self-esteem' he said
Captain Sand shook his head Not out of anger but out of spite At the age of fifty-one he found himself old to reevaluate his youth For him a simple complexion was as common a duty as a uniform
"Fortunately for you you are on a difficult mission" he shook his fist violently - I'll waive my disciplinary action
- Difficult mission? - he got the words Tim
Sand sighed hard
- It's hard I don't know how to describe it she wrinkled her forehead  I don't think I need to explain to you who the Downworlders in our town are
Tim said yes
"Papa" Valter and" heavy "Joe" he said
- That's right So far they've had quite a good time together but now "heavy" Joe has decided to try to rip out a piece of "Papa" Valter's drug market I'm sure the illegal distilleries the nightclubs and prostitutes will make a good living but that's not good enough for him And I fear that if we fail to deter him all hell will break loose in the city
Tim listened carefully to the commissioner
- What's that got to do with me? - he asked
Sand was leaning on his desk
- The mayor wants a quick score But as we know "hard" Joe is not easy to find
- So what? - Tim was impatient
- And then we decided to mix someone in We asked the attorney general's permission to give us his blessing Now it's just
'All you have to do is look for a sucker to cast this ungrateful role on and that sucker would be me' said Tim strained
Sand spread his hands
- Well yeah Let's put it this way - forced laughter at you
Tim leaned back
- Let's see it
- "Tough" Joe Nobody knows nobody knows what he looks like nobody knows what his real name is Specifically no one but one person This person's name is Madeleine and Sand put a dossier in front of Tim On the front was a picture of a woman with ebony hair blue eyes surprisingly charming one might say a dazzling face
Tim whistled long when his eyes fell on Madeleine's face He pulled the file and he opened it


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