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This story happened to me several years ago I was 16 years old when my parents went away one summer and they left me home and I was staying with my cousin My cousin spent 20 this summer- and not exactly poor aunt gave him a small apartment It wasn't a house-warming party or a party of some kind which I was surprised at knowing my cousin but it didn't bother me that much
So one afternoon I came over and I walked into the room and there was a terrible sight
- What's this?  I asked him looking around the room there was nothing there but a double bed
- This? This is a bed I believe where you and I are going to spend a whole week together
 I expected a little more knowing your poor mother
- Hey he bought a bed and a crib by the way he's out of town too Come and help me
The afternoon was spent unpacking the boxes and I guess you could say I've gotten used to it Around 10: 00 pm We decided to put it to bed tomorrow
- I'm gonna take a bath first okay? - he said it and took off his top She turned around her beautiful breasts fell out They're tight and round and they're bigger than average and the way her beautiful long reddish hair fluttered on it It was just a pleasure to look at them I didn't hesitate I admired it for a little while
"What are you looking at" he asked laughing and threw the bra at my face When I took it off my head it was in the bathroom It's been five minutes I've heard it play:
- Peti I left my towel outside please bring it in It's on the bed
I found it I went to the door and I knocked:
- Come on in - he told me and I opened the door I thought I'd see it now but I was disappointed She was in the tub and there was a bubble bath in the water
- Put it on the hanger over there please
I hung up and then I went out disappointed Ten minutes later she was outside wiping her hair in a white lace nightgown that looked pretty good
 I'm not your boyfriend
- Oh get the hell out of the bath But don't forget to bring a towel
- I know - and I closed the door behind me
When I came out Bea was in bed
- Come on I'm sleepy now and there's only big lights in the room
- All right I'm on my way
I got ready early and went to bed
- There's only one blanket?
- Yeah but that's enough for today so we'll go tomorrow and get another one Is that all right? Now good night - and turned off the lights I fell asleep very quickly but I woke up around 3: 00 because I wasn't wearing a blanket and the draught made the weather colder I sat up I looked around and my eyes caught on my cousin She had a nice body too beautiful I couldn't resist He was lying on his stomach I slowly covered it it didn't move I slowly touched his nightgown and pulled him up until I could cover his butt That's when I noticed she wasn't wearing any panties It made my heart beat even more Somehow I wanted to soothe the feeling inside me I pulled down on the bed and approached my head to his butt I kissed her ass He didn't wake upit made me braver I stuck my tongue out and kissed her ass so hard as I went deeper and deeper until I reached the opening but I couldn't fit in there I looked up at Bea and I pulled her ass out with my hands and then I saw her butt pop open I dripped a little spit in it and I started rubbing it with one hand I was lubricating the hole and I slipped one of my fingers in At that moment Bea began to move I quickly took my hand out and returned to the bed left one eye open He turned around on his stomachI noticed he didn't wake up I waited a while and then I went to the bathroom On the way back I left the door open a little bit so the light was right on the bed and I saw my cousin sleeping the righteous dream again I turned off the lights quickly and went back to the bed I noticed his legs I've always wanted to see what it's like to lick someone's feet I knelt at his feet I tickled her first to make sure she was asleep He didn't movethat's a good sign I started off with a kiss right in the middle of his feet I could still smell the lotion on him And then I licked it from the heel to the toes and I took his big toe and I licked it in circles in my mouth It felt really good and I stood up real good down there And then like ice cream I ate his toes and licked them all over I wanted more Slowly I began to kiss his feet up and up until I reached his nightgown and then I stopped I looked up at his face he was calm I put on his nightgown again like I did before and I saw a beautiful shaved pussy I couldn't help myself here the outside world was gone for me and I practically threw myself on Bea's pussy I kissed her and sometimes I stuck my tongue in the hole()


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