DadCrush – Stepdaughter Caught Twerking By Stepdad

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Summer passed quickly School started in the fall harvest came I was very busy However Livire was able to make time unfortunately as soon as the Frost came he moved back to his apartment in pest Here on the mountain it would have been dangerous to draw promised to come back to me in the spring as soon as he could I had time to study all winter thanks to Livi I passed the language exam I got my driver's license I got my GED pretty good As a reward grandma gave me a cardon't think of a BMW i only got a ten-year-old Lada And yet I felt very cool It was so much easier to get laid when I had a car True Livi moved back around Easter and the sex marathon started again and I didn't have time or strength to deal with any other woman When he came back we picked up where we left off in the fall We spent the whole weekend in bed making up for it One night we were resting comfortably next to each other and Livi came to me
- Baby I have a secret wish I never dared tell anyone
- You can tell me - I caressed him
- We've tried every form of sex and I'd really like to experience it anal -ously I was so scared of her but now I feel like she's going with you
 I'm happy to help you make your wishes come true You'll see it'll be great and I'll be very gentle with you
The next day we had an anal initiation After taking a shower together we went to bed excited and I had the lotion ready for the bed I caressed her and kissed her to relax her I turned him on his stomach and I knelt between his legs and I continued to caress him Then I put lotion on my hands and gently rubbed his back And then I put cream in the canyon between the butt cheeks and I put my erect penis in the slippery hole I let him slide a little bit but it was time to send my Wanderer I put cream on the wrinkled anus grabbed the base of my dick and adjusted the tip to the entrance I walked slowly through the tight muscle rings and I stopped and Livi grabbed the sheet and she moaned softly His tight butthole fluttered around my penetrating tool moving forward inch by inch stopping several times That's when I used to pet him calm him down I went deeper and deeper until I finally sank to the bottom I began to move cautiously and the whimpering was slowly replaced by subtle groanings and sighs I totally pulled my dick out only the tip was left in the hot cave I was admiring your beautiful muscular butt
"Come in come in" he begged
I worked with short firm movements moved my tool back and forth in his buttocks and with every stroke I went a little deeper When I was immersed in him I could feel his tight butthole throbbing around my penetrating tool Her silent screams were absorbed by the pillow She pushed herself on meshe sprained and she had a long powerful orgasm My heart was pounding I was falling on it and I could feel my throbbing cock pumping my seed into its butt A few minutes later when we were resting next to each other Livi remarked
 That was so much better than I expected we need to do it again as soon as possible
- I'm always at your disposal Ma'am - I joked about it
I wasn't looking for a job it was enough to live on Family Estates Grandma could work less and less but she refused to acknowledge that One morning he asked me to drive him somewhere I didn't ask him anything We had to drive another eight or ten kilometers off the main road on pretty good mountain roads
We stopped at the top of the mountain in front of a huge ruined building When we got out he asked me the question
- What do you think?
- Well it's all pretty messed up
- It's just a facade you're being sloppy come on I'll give you a tour You should know it was a count's basement unfortunately after the war it became Tso property and they let it get ruined Now the PTS are going to fall into line and you can buy this at a very cheap price
- But it's a mess
- I remember what this place was like in its prime and I promise you I will do everything I can to make it or even more beautiful Of course I'm counting on you to do that because I want to build your future with it
I wasn't really convinced it was a good idea We walked to the end of the building where there was a huge double-wing oak door Grandma took out a set of keys found the biggest key and put it in the lock He easily turned it but the door was opened by two of us and the smell of musty cellar struck my nose
We stumbled down the rickety stairs and grandma turned on the lights We were standing at the front of a vaulted cellar with huge barrels on both sides some of which had already collapsed
- Oh that's beautiful
"I expected you to understand" said Grandma


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