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I was almost soaked by the time I got to the train When I took off I spotted two women who seemed a few years older than me in a lively conversation It was not difficult - I often saw one of them at the newsstand not so far from us And anyone who's seen it has memorized it How can you forget someone who makes even women much younger than him envious and most of the time men have their eyes hanging on a pedestal when they see him Athletic build long thighs prestigious breasts that are emphasized by their proud owner She held her blonde hair back with her sunglasses which I thought was the only way I had ever seen her But he wasn't the average gray mouse you could remember for five minutes at most Short brown hair Creole leather which was only highlighted by his neon pink T-shirt under which in view of the great heat he might not have worn anything At first it was very shapely though I'm not sure that I was naturally focused on such perfect breasts: as a "side effect" of the air-conditioned train then the T-shirt was pierced by the T-shirt's embossed nipples I assumed she was a little shorter than her friend but she was also thinner or more muscular or a footman As my contemplation may have been a little impolite-or so I felt-I sought a seat as soon as possible I managed to find a four-way spot not too far from the two ladies pull out my towel try to dry my hair When I sort of Did I threw my bag over me and made myself comfortable Fortunately I had a good look at my pretty fellow passengers so I could admire the two most distinguished members of the fairer sex My favorite album is humming softly in my ear the beer bought in the living room is cold enough my "panorama"-my one - hour trip could not have been more pleasant
At kelenland a very loud group took off-especially 18-to 19-year-old boys who were being very "tough" Tasteless comments were flying around almost every passenger was "found" for some reason The two pretty women they looked at me and then they looked at each other The long-legged man stood up and as he glided in the air he came to me:
- Excuse me Do you mind if we sit here? I'm a little distracted by the noisy young people and maybe they won't "woo" you anymore
"Of course not" I replied in a low voice - Take your time I'm happy to help
She was happy to hear my disturbed reply and then she went back to her friend who had already started packing It was not a minute before I felt like the luckiest man on the train: the two fabulous women made themselves comfortable in my circle
'Thank you' said the black man - I'm Nora and she stuck us in your neck my girlfriend Annett
- I'm Nicholas and you're not doing anything
'We won't bother you' said Annett
Now I didn't know how to react to that - maybe they noticed me grazing them a little bit longer when I took off or just embarrassed but I felt like they "took it off" and "bothered" me and they couldn't bother me Just embarrass me
At any rate my new companions did not disturb themselves and they resumed their conversation from about where they might have left off I took out my book and ran to read it After the first lines I knew that I would have to read again what I had read during the journey because I had almost no idea what I had read It's hard to focus on the fine print in this crowd I took so much out of their conversation that Nora came to Annette's house for a few days on vacation I was tiptoeing to see if I could find out where their summer house was and then my phone rang so I "lost" the conversation By the time I hung up Nora went to the bathroom so I was alone with Ann
- You look familiar "I've seen you a few times I think at the newsstand" he said
 Yeah that's exactly what I was thinking when I got on the plane and I saw you guys
"That is what that piercing look was for" he said coquettly
- Well "That's one way to put it" I said
- Maybe even that we're a little conspicuous especially when we're in a good mood People say "love" when they laugh
- I think there's nothing wrong with laughter and cheer And I didn't say the obvious
- That's settled then What are you reading? - he leaned closer
 Doomsday it's one of my favorite Stephen King novels It's like the eighth time I've read it
-I love King too - I mean the movies aren't that good in his books maybe on Death Row or Shawshank


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