BrattyStep Sis – Gia Paige – Fuck Me First

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I woke up the morning after my legendary night in an Austrian hotel I felt worn out and tired In that feeling my reflection is reinforced My wear and tear was not only visible and felt on my aching pussy and butt cheeks but also on my face and body I smeared my makeup on my lipstick as if a child had smeared it around my mouth my hair my face my chest the stains of semen on my chest At some point in my body I discovered small scratches and green spots I thought it best to take a hot shower with a thorough shampoo and get dressed as soon as possible before Tom saw that I was not in a good state
Fortunately by the time Tom got up I was already dressed and looking at my e-mail account to see if there were any more important letters
- Good Morning - Good Morning - He spoke in agony
- Good Morning - Good Morning - I said hello without looking at him
- I slept really bad and my head hurts really bad
I didn't answer anythingI was just humming
- I puked my guts out I thought I was gonna die
- Yeah (I was just dealing with my phone)
- Stop popping and give me a kiss
- I'm not popping And you instead of kissing go brush your teeth
He had trouble getting up and going into the bathroom I heard shower noises after a while
Thank god you're in the shower I thought to myself and I rushed to the door I open it and I see Laci's door is open her room is empty
He's gone
Thank god it saves a lot of chin from polite conversation and cordial conversation I'm not saying it wasn't goodI'm not saying I regret it But it's best for everyone
I sat back in the chair and waited until Tom was ready
He got dressed and we were on our way to lunch
- I'm sorry baby
- You should be
- I'll be fine by this afternoon and we'll catch up
- No I don't He's here
I was short-mouthed and short-mouthed I had to act lie so he wouldn't notice a tell
- Then maybe we can walk nearby We could clear our heads and talk
- Maybe I'll think about it
After lunch we just went for a walk We had a nice talk we kissed and we're kind of tired
Back in our room we were resting and I started packing up my stuff because it was only a few hours before my flight left
Meanwhile Tom took care of some bills for the company and packed the car
We're on our way to the airport
On the way Tomi's phone rang E-mail He asked me to look at it and read it to him
- Your brother sent it I'm reading it
"Hey Brother
Guess what? I got that job in pest we talked about I was wondering if I could stay in your guest room for a week or two? Just while I find a place to rent Answer me as soon as you can because if it's not good for you I need to find a solution
Hello Ritchie"
That's all I needed (I thought)
- What do you say Tommy? What's it gonna be?
- He'll have a good job trust me He'll make a pretty good living and I'm sure he'll move out Write you see it's only a week or two
You won't even notice
- Who? Ritchie? Are we talking about the same Ritchie?
- You haven't seen him in at least two years She's 26 He's serious
- I suppose so
- I don't mind you know I like him Yeah whatever but it's only two weeks tops
- All right honey I'll text her and have her call you and coordinate
Meanwhilewe were getting to the airport He took me as far as he could and then we said goodbye and the plane was leaving
After I got home it was all over again Ritchie arrived on Wednesday night and he hasn't changed so much Not on the outside but on the inside He's a good-looking boy but he's got hair down to the shoulder Not to mention the tattoos on his body His behavior is like when he needs to be or wants to be a normal guy but sometimes he gets wild he lives for parties He's a real biker guy loves his bike and I don't think he'd give it up for anything
I used to go to work and he used to check out rents and hang out with his friends
On Saturday Cosmetics was filled with girls between the ages of 19 and 22 They were beautifying tanning gossiping
- What's up girls? Are you all going out tonight?
- Yeah And we all went to the same place A house party at the Kinga's
- Come on Kinga what's the party for?
- I'm 21 today
- Oh Congrats You're getting your makeup for free today okay?
- Of course it's okay Thank you very much Liza
- You're welcome darling You're an old guest that's the least I can do
- Liza? Do you want to come to my party? I want you to comeI'd love to
- I don't think so KingaI'm sorry This is your age not mine


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