I Love My Tight Gymnast Step Sister – Katie Kush – Family Therapy

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We had a nice dinner in the dining room and my date was radiant after the sex battle
I looked at her as if we'd just met I got another woman a "female devil"instead of a housewife but I didn't mind at all
Over dinner we had a conversation with a couple who just arrived at the club They were much younger than us the man was named Peter his wife Marian and they were very sympathetic Marian was a very attractive sort of "hot" woman wearing white lace transparent panties and bras which covered nothing her naked pussy was a maddening pointy little breast and then revealed thin material
I couldn't take my eyes off him which he had noticed and he had his legs spread provocatively several times and once he even stroked his clitoris conspicuously Of course my dick was in my pants
He met Peter while he was eating some kind of whipped cream candy licking the foam from his lips It affected Peter he was excited to move on the chair but his dick was hard too
When the mood began to become clear all I really wanted was to fuck Marian and at the same time to see Peter bang my partner my wife suddenly stood up and disappeared in the direction of the rooms
I would have followed him but Peter stopped me
- I really like your boyfriend "she said" I'm intrigued by mature women"
- Well we're thinking the same thing ' cause I really like Marian - I answered a breath
"I would like to have sex with him if that's all right with you" I continued looking at Marian who was standing at the counter with her back to the table with her Crazy Beautiful Buttocks all over her
- That's great "Peter" said Peter " that is what I was going to suggest because we would like to try sex three times" And my wife wants a sandwich Can we do this?
- What are you guys doing? "it sounded suddenly --" Mariann came to us I could smell her but at this moment she was in my lap I couldn't spit I couldn't swallow while the woman I wanted was sulking all over me
- We're talking about having sex honey - Peter said
 Why don't we go fuck the three of us? - he put it on Marian and grabbed my dick through his pants I got so excited that I had to return the favor maybe that's what she was trying to do I stroked her ass which Peter could see and then I drilled my right hand between her thighs unambiguously indicating that I was trying to reach her pussy Marianne was well placed and my fingers immediately found the pleasure cave through the thong He was already wet pulling my hand like a magnet Marian sighed and looked at Peter who stood up stepped beside us
 I see you two have bonded so let's find a room before I come out here "Peter moaned
We were just leaving and my wife came in all excited
- Honey I just got word from Zoltan that I'm going to start filming and I have to go to the big room Oh I'm so nervous - he stuttered my dear
 Well go ahead honey don't worry it's gonna be fine  I encouraged him and I gave him a hot kiss He hurried away Peter asked without understanding
- Where does your partner have to go? A movie shoot? We didn't know it would be - he kept asking questions
I quickly told them that my sex - starved couple had taken on a role in a gang-bang scene that was about to begin in the big room
- Whoo Oh yeah "Peter said" You have a fine wife my friend" "I could hardly hear his praises for we were walking towards the rooms and before me I was staring at Marian's buttand I was very hung up on him and at the same time I was looking forward to seeing my wife fuck two dozen men at the same time" I almost came out of it
The club was already hot we couldn't find an empty room so we picked one where there was already an orgy going on Two couples were making out on the big bed three guys were watching them next to the bedall three of them were pulling their dicks
Politely without disturbing the others we settled on the other side
Peter gave me a wave of his head to get Marian You didn't have to push him because he was naked as a mother with his legs spread out in front of us He was so turned on
- Come on boys what are you waiting for? Fuck me up - he gave us orders
I quickly put a condom on my dick and jumped between Marian's thighs
The next half hour became such a wild orgy we could barely hold our breath We took turns fuckingwe fucked Marian and she gave herself to the lust We had a lot of Lonely Boys who were content to masturbate and Marian looked at them from time to time and she liked the view the line of tails
All of a sudden Marian knocked me on her back and put my dick in her wet pussy She immediately began to ride putting one of her tits in my mouth with a face full of joy


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