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(A series of pornoerotic novels called popsicles 2 part a)
Date: 14102002 - 26122002
It was almost a month before after much deliberation I decided to visit him again It wasn't as easy a decision for me as it was before Now I've been thinking a lot more about what to do after I've been through our first time together My experience with Robert was very contradictory Basically I was attracted and repulsed at the same time
I went to his apartment in June downtown and I have to admit that meeting left a deep trail for me and for me The guy taught me a lesson In a more brutal and painful way than I loved him I would have expected him to But it's also true that deep down I truly enjoyed it I have never in my life been so anxious so helpless to be tortured at his pleasure by my defenseless body as I was then And of course the pleasure she gave me was special A real exploding orgasm that I haven't had a lot of in my life of male companionship
Of my own free will I volunteered to be Robi's slave woman A submissive prisoner a sex toy for a complete stranger who wasn't afraid to do things to me that even my last boyfriend couldn't do in his most aggressive moments And now once again I wished to apply to him to meet him and to continue our carefully hidden erotic game
It's a strange contradiction I know It was hard for me to process my own feelings too But sexual desire is a powerful thing on a man's body You can't ignore it for long especially when you're forced to be permanently deprived And I was hungry for a sweaty fuck not to mention a perverted fuck
I sat at home for minutes with the phone in my hand with a crumpled note with Christopher Robin's number which I got from a friend of mine Silvia Since then many times I've wanted to burn it or tear it up I didn't do it and I was very careful about it because I'm going to need the paper soon In my heart there was a long battle between fear and longing It was so abnormal it almost paralyzed me Finally I couldn't take the tension over my whole body anymore and I reached for the clam with my trembling hands Be brave Once I've put up with it I can put up with it again whatever I ask
I dialled holding the phone firmly to my ear and then waited impatiently listening to the ringing After fifth grade did I ever wonder if she wasn't home? Or moved? You don't do jobs like this any more that I'd like to ask you to do?
He was picked up after the seventh whistle The line was not very clear yet I immediately recognized the man's deep calm voice
- Here you go
I spoke with a beating heart in my throat and introduced myself to him with a slight difficulty and then I made my request quickly Strange that the first time I called you I wasn't so excited Of course my heart still fluttered with fear and excitement but now I'm having a much more intense experience It's him
For a moment I could see her muscular tanned upper body strong arms strong slightly square face Robert is a very handsome man It's what lonely women dream about in their empty hours At least I've thought about it a lot these past few weeks and it's always making my pussy tingle with excitement At the same time I was drawn and repulsed by the man and that contradiction made me sign in again for a brief visit
- Hi - hi I'm Edit You might remember me I came to see you a month ago
- Yeah - yeah - he said slowly And then he probably figured out who I was ' cause his voice immediately changed to a more friendly tone
- Of course I do Edit - Hi - hi I'm listening
- Well I'd like to see you again and I want to know when can I come to you?
- You're in luck I'm free tomorrow How about 3: 00 in the afternoon?
- Yes
- I'll see you then Be on time - Hi - hi
- Hi - hi
That was quick We didn't talk much just as much as necessary I hung up the phone blew out the air in my lungs and looked at the clock on the wall I have about a day to prepare to meet him again Now that I have finally had the courage to decide the question the tension and excitement in my soul have dwindled
I spent the rest of the day wandering around the apartment stunned by my own stupidity Is that what I want? Are you sure this is what I need? I don't know Could be There's nothing wrong with that Or is it?
Between such thoughts and similar thoughts hours passed I watched TV cooked washed and packed my things and my mind had no doubt I had no better to try on my clothes()


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