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How do I start? Maybe I'm trying to share one of the most lasting sex experiences of my youth In advance it could be called How I lost my virginity but on the one hand it was no longer physically relevant and on the other hand there are a lot of these stories going around so I would like to write a little something else to tell you I was 14 years old that year and because I was a year-loser I was in eighth grade Like every summer before this incident I went to a school pioneer camp where boys my age and I talked about our sexual experiences Unfortunately after ignoring all the brags it turned out that most of them had little experience other than holding hands and kissing on purpose and not kissing on purpose I mean I've been through a few screw-ups but seeing as I was hoping for something different I thought I'd figure out what I'd done wrong during these conversations After we found out we weren't going to be any smarter we included the "IFIs" in the evening's discussions who were blatantly trying to teach me incomplete Anatomy and self-knowledge In the spirit of that during the evening showers we watched the girls try to combine imagination and reality
Needless to say there were old social camp showers where the girl and the boy were separated by a screen wall about three meters high but there was a common airspace up to the roof We used the right technique to climb up this wall and from the bathroom mirrors on the other side we could see the naked reflection of the girls in the shower below usIt wasn't so much the sexual excitement as the hectic and the curiosity that drove us because most of the girls that were growing up weren't even like the stars of the sex magazines at the time Of course there were a few exceptions One of these girlie Zsuzsa who was more mature than her age has attracted our attention but most of all mine Yet we rarely saw him until I realized he was going to take a shower much later than the others (almost at bedtime) perhaps because he did not want to show himself in front of his fellow girls perhaps for other reasons I never figured that out but anyway I went to the bathroom at the time he went to take a shower I was quite comfortable in my place and it soon appeared He quickly got rid of his tracksuit and I felt something move in me(mostly my dick) He began to soap himself and my eyes fell out (and I almost fell) when he sobbed his beautiful round breasts and then his proportional body hips She got to her pussy which according to the fashions at the time wasn't shaved but I would have called it Flake That's when the bathroom's front door opened and I almost fell asleep because one of the camp counselors who was also my gym teacher I felt he had noticed me but the expected shouting and other unmasking moves were cancelled
So after a few seconds of horror I began to relax and looked at it She (aunt Juci - although a 24-year-old girl is not an aunt yet but she had to be called that) was wrapped in a big white bath towel which she took off very slowly for me As less and less material covered her her bosom flashed out and her nipples stood firm At that time I did not know the significance of these but I felt something new and quite pleasantly strange As the flat belly of the Turk continued to slip and his round Tushy and after a half-turn as he hung the towel I saw his pussy which was adapted to the face but the black hair glistened with a wish and a silky tush I felt like I had an erection but because I was holding on with both hands I couldn't help myself That's when I saw him go to Zhuzha's and he said he'd help wash his back but you'd better hurry ' cause it's past curfew The way he touched Zsuzsa I couldn't help myself He only washed his back but a few times he accidentally (or not) walked on his breasts Zsuzsa enjoyed the help with eye care but whether this or the cold hot water made her nipples hard I don't know In those few minutes I felt like I was going to the sex Paradise The blood in my ears was pounding in my dick and I felt it coming out of my mouth That's when the alarm went off in the speaker and the spell was broken Aunt Juci slapped Zhuzsa's butt and told her to hurry up Zsuzsa quickly cleaned up and ran out with her tracksuit on I wanted to leave too so that my absence would not be too conspicuous but the sight that followed would not allow me to move my limbs I literally froze Aunt Yuci began to Soap her body but these moves would have honored a practicing erotic dancer He used to rub the soap all over himself with such sensual sensations as if he were fondling someone else as foreplay When he reached his breasts a little bit towards his face and caressed his nipples around his finger he set off with both hands towards his belly()


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