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I met Tibor a month and a half ago I saw him at a nightclub I liked it right away I was impressed by your kind style your attentiveness Especially when I saw her dance erotically Turns out he's got a girlfriend but they've been estranged lately like you said His girlfriend always goes to bed in a state of tiredness Besides she didn't have any good news Everyone said it was easy to get Tibor went to bed with him easily after a few hours of knowing him but since he felt good and fell in love he didn't think much of the news
Now he's decided to give himself another chance to meet a nice nice girl That's why he came to me He decided to try and have a little adventure in his life Of course deep down he didn't want an adventure but he couldn't even admit it to himself He didn't make sex ski but he didn't want to wait forever He said that if we had mutual feelings and we wanted each other then it was time It's not important to wait for love but it's emotional
- I agreed with him on that
He was afraid I'd find a decent independent man in the process He knew I'd leave him My friends warned me to be patient because I was tempted They told me if I hurry up with sex I'd be just another girl to him One notch more on the wall for Tibor was known as a hard bull That's why it felt good to wait and not come running into the House So I've been stalling Of course there's also a rumor that he'll fall in love soon and then he'll have a lot of respect for her He's an expert on women's souls We met two or three times a week but that was enough to make me realize that I'm looking forward to these days
I was young I could say I was a teenager and I liked to have men around me I almost expected them to turn on me in the street or make some comment about me which of course they never did My behavior seemed light-blooded even though I was only young supposedly pretty and enjoyed taking advantage of it Sometimes I'd go out with a guy and then I'd come home with another guy but I didn't sleep with any of them The people I said no to made me look like half the people in town slept with Tibor and his close friends knew it wasn't true and they believed me The rest of you think what you want I still loved to turn down men who stuck to me for easy prey It was a dangerous game but it entertained me
Tibor had his eye on you a long time ago but he didn't dare talk to you He asked about his friends but they didn't say much about me She found out I turned men down made her hunt for him even more He was determined to get you We had a few words and exchanged phone numbers I didn't call him but I thought about him a lot I was lucky to meet you On this day we both saw the time to fulfill our desire We went up to him hugging and talking
The key turned in the lock and we entered Tibor turned on the nightlight in the bedroom whose pale yellow light drew interesting lines on the ceiling and on the walls of the room It was like a fairy-tale Crystal Room I was wearing a tight little T-shirt and a white wavy miniskirt which made Tibor beat his heart when he saw it He stroked my thighs with his hands and kissed me hot on the neck He walked down my body kissing my shoulders with his right hand on my back and hips I started breathing faster He caressed my back barely touching my skin His fingers caressed my shoulder and waist again Then his hand slid down a little bit and lifted up my waggly miniskirt He caressed my thighs with his hands my ass and gently stroked the cut between the two hills with his thumb and again pointed his hands to my thighs He went down very slowly and then he thought and his hand moved back At that point I could not stand the excitement I turned around I wanted to feel the caressing embrace of his hand on me I looked at the boy and wondered if he really liked me


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