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The next day I was walking around the store pretty dazed and I had enough to do Berty has spoken of my entertainment He must have known what happened the day before or at least some of it He must have had his spies too
The next day I was overwhelmed by work which was probably due to my foolishness of the previous day Berty was getting more and more grumpy and doing her job I almost forgot that Roy promised himself the day he showed up this afternoon Paul and Lola were with him After a short greeting Paul took the floor
- I'm sure you're aware that we're at the end of our work and we're leaving in a few days I want my colleagues to finish their work in a good mood and leave the island with pleasant memories Well we're in good shape with money partly thanks to your contribution we lived here very cheaply So I plan on having a hell of a going-away party Roy said you could set up a big room here and you could set up the party And Lola has agreed to coordinate with you the schedule for the evening the order of drinks and meals Can you do that?
- The gym's gonna be fineI don't know if there's any community center activities going on right now Neither is the drink so we bring a lot of it from the store and at the end of the day we count the consumption But what about the meal? Hot or cold? How many? Served or self-service?
- Wow so many questions Make sure it's warm but make sure it's a little cold for those who prefer it You can discuss the details with Lola There are 34 of us 20 men and 14 women I'd like it served I suppose you can recruit three or four people from the shop to prepare the food and serve it Of course we'll pay for their work and they'll be our guests for dinner with you Can we see that house?
I told Berty I'd go and show them the way to the janitor Luckily he was home and we went to the house together At the sight of the vast interior they were astonished and interested that there was something smaller more intimate? The janitor assured them that there was no problem and with the cell walls they could easily build a room for about 40 people and a warehouse and a small office for me In addition a small lounge with sofa beds which will be connected to the toilets Paul was scratching his head
- What's it gonna cost us?
The caretaker assured him that nothing they work for a fixed salary On the way home Paul said he'd leave some tips in an envelope for the janitor and his men In hindsight it turned out that "small tip" meant people getting almost a month's salary
When we got back to the store we had a little chat about the details when Lola pulled me aside
- What do you say we let the boys go and we can talk about the food more calmly? And I'll stay with you till morning Maybe your husband could use a little atonement - and his naughty wink left no doubt that he was thinking what I was thinking
"See if you can get him to listen to you better" I said - He's been a little cranky with me lately
I don't know how it happened because I went back to the boys but after all Lola came to us with a big smile and didn't have to tell us the results and I could tell Roy and Paul – which means they already knew about the scheme-immediately started packing up saying Good-bye and leaving
All we had to do was close while Lola was looking at the store On the way home which was only a few houses long Lola was talking all the way and to my surprise Berty's face was relieved by the grim face which had not ceased for days He seemed to listen carefully to Lola's chatter When he reached the house he offered us both wine I noticed that Lola had the most to spend
Lola continued to chat and talked more and more about the techniques of the sex scenes that Berty listened with great devotion The effect was seen by a growing bulge in his pants He couldn't take his eyes off Lola's ever more unbuttoned blouse (It obviously wasn't unbuttoned by accident) Lola as if she had only just noticed the eyeful looked down at her almost visible breasts by Berty's eyes
- Sorry it's just hot "Really" he said " can't you lend me something lighter?" I didn't bring anything
We went into my room and I pulled out some robes
- What do you want? Very thin? Or thicker? Anything else?
- If you don't mind this thin translucent one And all I need is my panties - and he smiled funny
I was looking for one just like it By the time we got back to the living room Berty was just wearing little shorts
After that Lola and I started our work and we put together a very diverse but relatively easy-to-cook menu mix of Tonga and international cuisine Meanwhile Lola in her big job sometimes loosened her clothes a little


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