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He looked straight in front of him only looking in He felt like he was dreaming I'm sure he'll wake up sweaty sleepy with a big stain on his pants But it wasn't a dream The smell of the girl was still in the car and she could still smell the glitter on her tail and the wine was still wet In the passenger seat there was a girl's card He answered reached for the phone dialed He'd listen to the sound and after a few rings sparkles would ring the phone:
- Here you go
- Hey it's me - he didn't know what to say - I just wanted to thank you for what you gave me
- You don't have to thank me
- What was it for ? - the question sounded stupid
- Because I wanted to
- Can I come up? - His throat's dry from the chance
- I'm not alone
Boom A bolt from the Blue This opportunity never occurred to him After what she did to him and what he said he didn't think anyone was waiting for him at home He was very quiet
- I'm sorry Can you call me tomorrow? - Sparkles ' voice gave me hope He answered a little late:
- Yeah sorry Goodnight
He turned off the phone and left There was light traffic on the night streets He had time to think about what happened He's never done this before Of course he's had adventures before but they've always come together after long scouting and organizing But he's never had an affair so suddenly and under such circumstances He felt no remorse He remembered Csilla's words " true cheating is spiritual" What happened was purely erotic pleasure He talked a lot about this with his friends It seems that men of the same age have the same thoughts in them You drive you work for your family Fights often dim the lights transform love relationships And closer to 40 it's nice to have someone or something just for us It could be a smile a word or a warm hug In this case the accumulated tension is slightly relaxed the pressure is relaxed the bike can be rolled further
He came home he packed all the stuff from the property He hasn't forgotten about the fish the flowers are free tomorrow
The office started the week as usual reported and reported did his job He checked the family over the phone Around noon he remembered Stella He automatically reached into his pocket but he couldn't find her card Luckily the cell phone keeps track of the numbers He hit it on the desk phone Mica almost immediately picked up:
- Hello hello
- Hi - hi - what's he gonna say now? - You okay? - yeah
- Hi - hi I didn't recognize this number so I put the other number in my phone so I could call a good cab again - are you calling from work?
- Yeah that's my inside Number  somehow he trusted her to remember that too - sorry to bother you at night
 You didn't bother meI just couldn't call you I'm really sorry Are you well?
- Medium We're on a roll if we pull How about you?
- We're always busy at this time of year but the hard part's over
- What are you doing tonight? - he asked suddenly
Sparkles stopped for a moment and then her voice laughed when she spoke:
- I guess I'm meeting you
- Are you really free?
- I have to organize a bit but I can do it Pick me up at 8: 00?
- Yeah you're welcome Where are we going?
 I don't knowI'll think of something by then I gotta go I'm hanging up - Hi - hi
He hung up the phone and leaned back in the chair That was easy Looks like the ride didn't go away without a trace in sparkles He was no longer able to focus on his work and his thoughts were always lost He was on his way home He took a bath replaced the morning shave He left on time didn't want to be late Traffic in this town is unpredictableif they break a road somewhere traffic will be paralyzed
On the street below the Castle the cars were now standing flat easy to find parking He listened to the radio for a few minutes then he looked for the gate The intercom rang long but no answer was received Now I'm screwed he thought He tried again Or after 20 seconds sparkles gets in the way:
- Good evening Hit the star and number three I live on the second floor
He's done his bidding the gate's buzzed open In the dimly lit staircase he thought that something should be done for his condition You're not supposed to feel two steps up I seem to be slouching He found the door pressed the button It sounded from inside He heard footsteps and the door opened She stood in the door wrapped in a towel wiping her wet hair
- Hi - hi  She stepped back so she could walk through the door  I'm not ready Just a few minutes Come sit in my room
They crossed the lobby The linoleum showed her wet footprints as she stepped out of the tub to pick up the intercom He led her into a nice not-so-big room turned on the light()


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