18 years old teen Lucie first video casting

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I'll be down on all fours in the middle of the room waiting for you According to your orders I'm not wearing any clothes not even my usual stockings and high heels My wrists and ankles don't have straps But I had to blindfold myself My hair on top of my head was braided in a single ponytail While waiting the feeling of Pleasant excitement runs through my body in waves The darkness of the shawl that covers my eyes and my tight butt that rises to the sky only intensifies this lustful feeling I am so looking forward to the door opening so that you can finally come in and take care of me your humble slave woman Minutes pass but you don't come I'm thinking about moving my parts when I hear your key ring I immediately freeze to death I can hear you stepping up and then stopping You won't say a word
First I think you're mad at me but then I remember I haven't even greeted you yet Blindly based on the sound of your footsteps I will try to find your legs At the second attempt my lips hit your knees I found you I'll kiss your feet without delay But you don't react you don't say a word I'm thinking of someone else standing in front of me kissing someone else's feet For a moment I was frightened but then I realized: No it must be you for I have known the sound of your footsteps for a long time I'll kiss your feet again try to be as gentle as humble as I can be My reward will not be lost You order me to crawl down on my hands and knees I will obey your orders though blindfolded like this it's not that simple I'm trying to track you by the sounds I'm misinformed in the dark but I feel like you're driving me in circles
Finally you stop I stop and I'm excited for the sequel At your command I will stand up and keep my hands behind me You wrap a rope around one of my elbows and then you stretch my arms firmly to the top of my legs and tie my elbows to each other The pain is unprepared and I exclaim with indignation The result is not missed I almost immediately put the gag ball in my mouth I know I interrupted you for I should have waited obediently until you tied me up until you gave me the courtesy of turning your attention to me in full Though the ropes are very tight my arms are stretched to the very end yet I am filled with excitement I think that for this mistake my torture will be more painful This idea makes my nipples hard After you tied my wrists tight I hear a strange click At the same time as the click my wrist is stretched upwards by a force My upper body under the pressure of my hand leans forward deeper and deeper but the tightening of my wrist does not ease I start moaning when I feel it's over I'm in the desired position I can feel my hair I know you're tying a rope into my braids but I don't know why because I can't move anymore You command me to lift my right foot I will obey though it is very difficult In the dark I feel like I'm losing my balance and I'm going to fall
I don't pay attention to what you're doing and I spend all my energy trying to stay standing It's just a feeling of tightening my big toe to let me know where you tied the next rope And then my head goes back and my right thigh goes up to a zit and I guess you've never tied me up like this before but you tied my hair to my toe I'm panicking in the dark I feel like I can't balance anymore my left leg is shaking it's starting
You feel my despair you come up to me you pull my head back to you and you gently stroke my face It gives me my strength back reminds me I'm standing here to please you Your touch makes me feel safe You let me go you let me stand like this stretched After a while the pain of my arms stretching is starting to get stronger My legs are tight but as soon as I release the pain of pulling my hair back I am warned of my disobedience I know I know that you're right here with me and you're looking at me and you're looking at me but I'm thinking No I can't take it anymore Then you grab my breasts you touch them and I want to push them in your hand but the ropes won't let you they just hold you they stretch you they bite you At first I can only sense pain but I can't tell where it's coming from or what you're doing
I just feel like it hurts so much I can feel the throbbing of pain in my head As soon as the initial pain waves calmed down I know you put tweezers on my nipples Moan and moan and think that I have never endured such suffering I feel that there is no part of my body that does not feel pain I hear a match in the dark and I smell a familiar smell in my nose the smell of a burning candle I try to turn my head towards you and in my fear I forget my eyes covering everything my skin and my tied hair()


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