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5 Chapter 4-the law
Mario put his guest on the Red Atlas skin sofa between two Japanese lamps A boy who wore only one pair of sloped tight bright blue shorts brought a glass tray and placed it on his knees on a narrow long table which was also covered with leather
Mario's house was built from a log tree bent over a dark channel played with reflected light rays It didn't have a floor it looked like a meeting place in the woods from the outside The entrance was surprised by the luxurious furniture and upholstery The whole length of the salon opened on khlong Emmanuelle could see the bark barks which were filled with sweet drinks coconut bamboo stuffed with boiled rice The flood swept the islands of Liane and leaves in the night The man or woman who stood at the back bent over the only OAR balancing her feet glanced at the interior of the room with an indifferent look On the summit of a neighboring church the brass bells whose tongue reminded me of the fig leaf spoke in two voices one thin and the other heavy as if someone had been wounded There was a bell from a distance calling the autopsies to sleep A shrill woman's voice started a nursery rhyme somewhere
"A friend of mine is coming" says Mario His repressed speech matches the shadows of the Buddha figures
which are projected on the wall by mood lighting Emmanuelle is so caught up in the fear of drinking a half-cup of poison cocktail in one shot It takes your breath away but the cramping fear doesn't dissolve But what about him? He's ashamed of this uncharted fear trying to dispel this absurd magic:
- Do I know him? - he's asking
It is only at this moment that he realizes that he is disappointed which means that Mario has no intention of being alone with him She thought she wanted to possess him at her leisure refused to see her husband and yet she invited someone to chaperone
"No" says Mario - I only met him the day before yesterday at a party English Fascinating creature And she has amazing skin The sun here has turned her into a chocolate brown How do I put this? The color tastes good You'll like it
Emmanuelle has jealousy in her heart feeling humiliated Mario talks about this man with such a longing that he is stuck at every word as if he could only choose one of them after a long struggle as if - Emmanuelle imagined - in a confectionery What doubts do you have about the man's proclivities? Ariane was right he saw it coming However Emmanuelle was troubled by Mario praising the merits of the expected guest not only for his own pleasure but as if it were meant for her Emmanuelle
He's slipping away There's nothing wrong with Mario trying to take her She's waiting for this: she came here to have this adventure so Marie-Anne would like it Or perhaps it is only because the temptation is stronger than he thought and if he so much as thinks of giving himself to her he feels the physical joy of instantly turning off his clothes spreading his legs feeling the undiscovered body feeling the warmth and warmth of the moment you enter him or on the contrary slowly from inch to inch and then withdraw immediately leaving him waiting destitute humiliated begging uncertain and wet-oh sweet doubt - and then he comes back how wonderful"how hard how swollen how sharp as he caresses the insides of his genitals so profusely as he purges to the last drop and does not leave him until the seed is sown the Earth is plowed doused watered possessed He bites his lips he's ready he likes to be possessed he wants to be loved But all this piling all this subtlety it's exhausting You should have known better than to watch out for Italians
He would already say to Mario " you're right to take advantage of the opportunity but you have to settle for who I am Make love to me then let me go so I can sleep next to my husband Once I'm gone you can have all the fun you want with your Englishman"But he imagines how embarrassed he would be if Mario with a cool politeness looked at him with disdain as he looked at him once and said" My Dear You are mistaken Of course I like you very much but "
Mario interrupts his imaginations just as he imagined:
- Put your feet as high as you can Quentin's gonna sit on this puff Turn like this with your knees facing him so that you can pierce your gaze into the depths of your skirt
Emmanuelle is intoxicated Mario puts his hands on his bare shoulders his long fingers touch the base of his chest He gently turns to the right and with the other hand he gently grabs the edge of his black skirt and pulls it up at an angle so that his legs can be seen at different angles: the left to the middle of his thigh the right to his groin


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