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Since we're meeting for the first time and I don't like to rush into the house I'd like to start by loving your soul
The first time I saw you I wouldn't go straight to you and just look at you I would look at your figure your motion your face try to feel your aura and your aura let everything that's coming from you get deeper into my soul your personality your femininity that you could be a whole new relationship to me and I would enjoy the feelings that you would bring out in me as it would relax me and quickly take me to a whole different spiritual plane
Deeper and deeper where I would feel a strange mixture of the sounds of the outside world and the feelings and desires coming towards you from the inside As the world slows down for me I would have a wish that you could feel without any physical contact that I am near you and desire that the world be silenced for you and turn your eyes and the innermost corners of your soul towards me I want you to feel that my soul is all around you caressing you talking to you smoothing you tight
I want you to feel that my soul takes over the throbbing of your body breathing the same way you do slowly slowly kissing your neck beneath your dress unnoticed it would slip from the strange thrill of my soul's touch to your nipple where it would increase perhaps never before experienced your excitement which at the strange borders of perception and not perception would wish your body to yield to total devotion and to go deeper and deeper into the innermost parts of your desire for carnal pleasure where all the earthly things that exist only you and I floating in pleasure cease to existon his invisible arms
In this state where every little vibration playing on the strings of emotion would push our bodies and souls even deeper continue caressing your soul and body from the peaks of femininity moving down the beautiful slopes of your sensuality floating on your sensual lines gently biting and enjoying all your fluttering trembling thighs()


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