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I've been planning on going to a masseuse for a long time because my job has caused me a lot of pain in my shoulders and back I thought a massage might help ease the discomfort
My acquaintances have recommended a lady who does private massages every afternoon I called him we made an appointment and I went down there Zsuzsa was like a 40-year-old lady and she was sweet and kind and she was really hard on me so we agreed to see her once a week
I'd been seeing him on a weekly basis for over a month when that weekly massage came up I've been looking forward to it because ever since I went to see him he's been relaxing - in every way
It started as usual I lay on my stomach in my underwear he threw a towel on my butt and he started massaging me my shoulders my back which felt really good
He was approaching the end when he asked me if I wanted another kind of relaxation
I didn't understand it at first and I asked you what you thought?
He told me that he liked me and that he might rub me between my legs and even help me with his mouth if I thought of course a little extra He said Not everyone gets an offer like this in fact I'm the first person he's ever dared to ask
Hmmmit must be fun I thoughtand I decided why not?
He asked me to lie on my back and then he took off his white shirt and then he came out of his sexy shorts She had big but slightly logo breasts her white bra almost had big nipples She was wearing white panties and she had a nice bulge in her pubic Hill He had a little belly but it wasn't that bad
He knelt beside the bed and poured a little bottle of oil on my chest and then slowly began to rub it into my skin doing it gently while smiling with a mysterious smile After a short time he caressed my stomach and my thighs with his oily hand and I felt the blood from my head moving into another part of my body
He saw that my tail was getting stiffer and he put his hand gently from my thigh onto my underwear and he began to stroke my standing cock which turned me on even more He stroked me like this for a little while and then he grabbed my boxer shorts and pulled them off me
He stroked my dick again but now he was naked gentle at first and fast at the same time and I sighed a great deal When I was breathing rapidly he gently pulled the boron off my acorn and slowly leaned over my tail At first he kissed her and then gently licked her from the base but when he touched my Acorn he took it At first he just softened the top with his tongue and then he took it deeper and deeper into his mouth
I was so wasted I couldn't help myself and I asked her if I could pet her breasts
Then he stopped said nothing just straightened out took off his bra and started sucking on my dick again I took that move as a yes and I started caressing her breasts He had nice soft skin and it was nice to touch him caress him grab his tits
As I caressed him caressed him I noticed that his nipples were starting to hard and he sighed more and more softly but he sighed distinctly as I did before
I thought of one and I slid my hand down a little bit caressed her belly but only briefly and then I treated her breasts again He didn't say anything he kept on spoiling me so I tried again but this time I stroked his belly for more time and then I slid my hand down When I almost reached his pubic mound he spread a little bit with his legs and he pulled one leg up (I guess it wasn't convenient for him to kneel by the bed and so I got to him better)
I put this out in the open and through her panties I started stroking her vulva and then I started stroking her pussy
To my surprise he was soaking wet I thought he was getting turned on too but I didn't think he was that excited I kept stroking her pussy and she kept breathing and she was slowing down with her mouth He was licking it sucking on my dick and he was pulling it with his hand Every once in a while he'd kiss my balls Lick ' em really piss me off
While I was stroking her I slowly pulled her wet panties aside and shoved my index finger into her wet stubble pussy He moaned softly and I put my middle finger in It was easy for him to slip in and he moaned louder and louder I pulled my fingers in and out of her wet pussy which she really enjoyed
I asked her if maybe I could give her oral pleasure
I wanted her pussy so bad I wanted to lick it out of her panties
And she stood up and she pulled down her panties and she crouched over me He gently put his wet and wet pussy in my mouth It smelled really good and it was a beautiful sight her slightly scruffy pussy I stretched out my tongue and I started to excite his clitoris()


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