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It was after midnight when they woke up May took time to dress while Cassandra lay on her stomach watching him from the couch He didn't want to believe that all this had happened He overcame his inhibitions if ever and made a fantasy come true
'Listen Cassidy I don't know how you thought it but if it ever comes to that we might as well do it again' said May heading for the door
"At any time" said Cassandra rising and stepping up to May - I liked what we did But you need to know that this is all…
'Cassidy I hear you –' said May - I know what you're gonna say I'm married and I'm your aunt This isn't going to be love But if you want to play you know where to find me
Cassandra fell back on the couch after she closed the door after May She was still naked He could still smell the other woman on his body but he could no longer touch the other woman's body May drove back to her house to lie next to her unsuspecting husband
She wanted to talk to someone but she didn't know who to call at this hour He wanted to tell Manfred that he did it He just did and the experience has made him so powerful that he could do it again every day
A sudden idea led him to dress quickly and fix his hair He stepped out into the corridor and walked down the hall slowly There was no one in the lobby The night janitor was sitting in his cubicle watching porn on a mini-TV although the poor image quality was the only way to tell
- Good evening  Cassandra knocked on the glass window and the doorman turned off her TV
- Can I help you? - he asked Bored - Is there a problem?
'I want you to look at something upstairs in apartment seven on the first floor' said Cassandra  Unfortunately I can't wait till morning for the maintenance man to take a look at it Maybe we don't need a maintenance man
"It is not my place" said the Porter
'I can't wait till morning' she sighed – All I'm asking is that you take a look at it and if you think I can wait for the maintenance man I'll wait But if it's urgent and I can't wait I need your help
- First floor seven? - the doorman muttered - I'll be right there
Cassandra took the elevator up to the first floor this time and went into her apartment in a hurry He didn't lock the door He went into the kitchen and undressed She was standing naked in the kitchen thinking about where she could stand and what position she could wear when the doorbell rang
- It's open - he called out - Come on in I'm in the kitchen
- What's the problem? "the Porter asked still bored" - I'm not a mechanic
 Just check this out see if there's anything you can do with it "Cassandra cried and suddenly opened the refrigeratorand bent low
The doorman didn't see him turn into the kitchen He saw the open door to the fridge and he went to see what had happened But then he discovered the naked woman
"I don't understand" he murmured in confusion
- Do you think there's anything to do with this? - she asked and looked at him  If you know what to do with this then do it Don't wait till morning for a maintenance man
A suspicious bulge on the doorman's fly indicated that the porno you just watched did the trick Now he reached out and grabbed his stiff tail and closed the refrigerator door Cassandra was leaning against the kitchen counter and kneeling behind her The man's mouth hung eagerly on her pussy and began to lick it quickly violently Meanwhile he unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his stiff ready-to-do cock He started beating her slowly while she was still licking Cassandra's pussy The woman's first orgasm came quickly His legs shook and he enjoyed with small short screams Then he stood up and turned her towards you Cassandra got down on her knees and put the hard penis in her mouth without any subtlety His tongue was fast moving around the man's tail first indulging his acorn then licking it all the way through He could not have continued this game for long for the man took his red-hot cock out of his mouth and pushed her back into the kitchen counter()


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