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Demons - these human-like creatures that are nowhere near living-have been terrorizing our world for nearly 300 years They sacrifice women and children to their Dark creators from the world of Shadows Of course the situation is far from simple: several demononfatty - the children of men born of demons - breed among themselves and their sons and daughters often became demons or men and their hearts were not necessarily drawn to where they should have been More and more went their way This story is about a dark crusader: me
Ever since I was born I've seen nothing but confusion surrounding me and the position of kings and clansmen is not as unshakable as they try to be I might as well be one of them But I wasn't attracted to their petty and selfish goals and I wasn't willing to serve them I was determined to be the one to put an end to their foolish fights and I would be the first to see the sun without being covered by endless smoke
I killed every demon and man in my path small and large strong and weak both women and men I burned the castles drove the servants away I traded the spoils or I lived my life in the rough seas At first of course it was hard and I'd rather run than attack But Everything has changed: now I have a partner and two of us can do anything Indeed anything
I met him on a very clear rather gloomy day I was kneeling and drinking on the shore of a stream of cleaner water when the dry leaves of a dying beech tree rustled softly behind me Although I pretended not to notice I focused my attention in that direction Something landed on the ground about eight or ten paces to the right Like a cat sneaking up on me without a sound He was either a thief or a murderer It was all the same to me I drew my sword with a sudden motion and stood up with a round cut
There was a woman's scream and a black warm sticky sap - demon - blood-splatter in my face My eyes looked at the naked pale-grey body writhing on the ground: I cut it in half at a relatively low angle and the blade left the poor fellow shortly beneath the arm of the Beast The upper body of course was struggling to move away with a residual spirit presence The marble-white not to be called large but shapely breasts trembled at every tumble During the lower body it started to Twitch And then I looked at the demon's face: a frightened girl braided with black hair her ears pointed and three small dull horns sticking out of her forehead In her red-hot eyes there was a mixture of pain shock and terror
I couldn't be moved It wasn't a fatal wound to him in the first place In less than a year he would have been able to grow his whole body back I got three big steps past him and stuck my gun in his chest and nailed it to the ground He cried out painfully and grabbed the blade Of course all you did was cut your fingers I leaned over him with my eyes tight very close to his charming little face and I asked him in a very low voice almost whispering:
- What do you want from me?
The answer was lost but the frightened glances moved from one eye to the other and back Because that wasn't enough to explain it I stepped on his chest with my boots and pulled the sword out to point it at his throat Now I'm standing up and I'm asking you a lot louder :
- What do you want from me?
Now we have some answers This close proximity to the end can make even a demon talk Tears were gathered in his eyes as he stood withered He looked away I didn't like that so I smoothed it over his face with a sword
"If you do not speak I will kill you" I added though I would not have given you much chance to speak
- N-no - he began with a silent mouth - I didn't want to
The speech was hard for him No wonder after all I only left him very little of his diaphragm and there was a piece of his lungs missing
 I don't care what you didn't want
The point of the weapon is a torque image deep into the ground
- Say what you want
The lips of the child's face trembled with fear
- I did I didn't know that I did - he was hooting but he was getting less and less clear She finally fainted I've decided not to kill him yet I'm intrigued Just to be safe I cut off his fingers and tied his hands to his neck and then I camped on the spot
I had to admit that I was very interested in this girl Last night I dragged his lower body to the campfire That's when I noticed he had a tail about the length of three or four Arastoo There were tiny reflexes running through his legs as I touched him From time to time I was fascinated by the anatomy of demons Their bodies must have been based on a completely different basis than humans Otherwise he'd be all stiff by now()


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