Bound Orgasm Torture – Tied Up, Ballgagged, and Squirting!

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Eve was my childhood playmate but when we were teenagers we didn't have any more intimate relationships At the end of our adolescence however in high school we grew closer again I really liked him but none of us were in love with each other Eve grew into a short-bodied Apple-breasted non-boy-looking beauty often visited by the representatives of the other sex so I myself wondered if it might be possible to rekindle the old Playmate relationship into a relationship suitable for a higher level of play Eva has somehow become too beautiful When they were playing handball in the high school yard and I got to love it I watched the whole game for her that is for my own sake Women have a secret they can't figure out: no one knows why a woman can be so beautiful even though there's nothing really beautiful about her according to the canon
Eve was like that When I saw her and in a very small dress as her body was moving her hips were drawn on the fabric of the thin dress and there was an unspeakable excitement I thought you knew about this but I didn't experiment on him and he didn't initiate I've made up my mind a few times approached him he'll know what's going on and I'm sure he won't be dismissive but his influence on me scared me I went after another girl with a good nose a nice face a great ass and an unspeakably good figure and heavy hard breasts always wearing clothes that men can't think of anything else when they look at her that's all And they always thought of that It occurred to me though I thought she was a silly little bird but I was caught up in her rare beauty and I took the risk of having an affair with such a silly little beauty Two or three lighter Knights for he was always around him and around his sister were quickly passed out and I remained alone around Margaret's panties from which the sinful smell of sensuality came
I was writhing in the bushes at the back of the beach at dusk when no one had been to this part of the beach knowing that young people often do indecent things in incomplete attire This is a paradise for voyagers but in the countryside this genre was not yet developed Margaret was a great girl of course and she always felt the demand for him in boys and what cool guys she had given up (temporarily) because of me She put on a loose little swimsuit so she wouldn't have to take it off if she got into an emergency fuck and I just put the lovely instrument on the side of the swallow when I finally pressed the blonde Fairy under me to do magic with my wand By that time the wand was already a stake and it was crying Margaret didn't have the heart to put this throbbing passion in a wet suit so I got the green light to the humid depths of her body and as I stabbed her she was playing the drums in my head which along with her sister was a rapid reaction chick and the guys were saying "fuck like dogs"for nothing
He quickly lost his head came to me with a low murmur of voices and his voice trembled at my ears as he hiccupped with lust But I had to be on the lookout on the one hand for my mother to carry the joyful news straight her son writhing on the beach on the youngest daughter of Varga Teca sawing in broad daylight with the little whore And then I had to make sure I didn't shoot my gentle and impulsive little partner in the flesh because he tied it up so that the warm and dangerous liquid of life landed on his sweet little belly when the big moment came In the meantime I not without meaning told him when we were resting on each other that I liked his sister very much and that I was first bewitched by her but being younger I was afraid to take the initiative He was laughing at that and I knew you'd give him the news Two days later her sister was waiting on the beach with her beautiful womanhood It's the same body and the same face but in something the body was different more mature more witchy I immediately understood that Karola's gusta had come to me and it was clear that her sister had a sudden engagement but she did not want me to wait but she had only come to give me news - of course in a bikini for postmen had been in it forever-and I could see that she was mudding in her eyes
"Let's go in the back "he said" and that meant to me as if he had already said what he said back there: "no unpack me little boy"and he held my comma to a handful We spent half an hour making out "You must think I'm a whore touching your dick" he whispered in my ear but I Of course most definitely ruled out an opportunity like that
 I don't want to take you away from my sister but I understand you like me right?"
"Very" I replied " much more than your sister I think but don't tell her that because she is very beautiful but you are even more beautiful now"
He understood the matter perfectly; there was no need for explanation; he kindly nursed my excitable cock with his long fingers smearing the mucus on his conical head


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